Vulnerability Scanning

Eliminate risk from new, unpatched vulnerabilities and open ports by assessing and monitoring cloud instances. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vulnerability Scanning Service gives development teams the confidence to develop their code on instances with the latest security patches and helps ensure a smooth transition to building production code. Used with Oracle Cloud Guard, operations teams gain a unified view of all instances to quickly remediate any open ports or patch unsafe packages discovered by the Vulnerability Scanning Service.

Adopt OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service

Monitor and track new vulnerabilities with OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service.

IDC Lab Validation of OCI Security

Putting tenant data safety and privacy first with automated operations in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Vulnerability monitoring solutions in OCI

Reduce risk from vulnerabilities in your OCI compute instances, OCI Registry stored container images, and DevOps Java builds.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Service

Discover new workload vulnerabilities before they are exploited

Increase security confidence with the up-to-date vulnerability findings that are always available from daily instance scans.

Proactively identify any vulnerability risks on instances or in container images

Prioritize the most vulnerable instances or images for immediate remediation.

Gain security insights using regional and global reports

Assess and view the latest security posture of instances and container images through Oracle Cloud Guard, and drill down into regional reports using the Vulnerability Scanning Service.

November 30, 2022

Explore OCI Vulnerability Scanning service with Qualys Agent workshop on LiveLabs

Arun Poonia, Oracle Principal Solutions Architect

As a cloud customer, familiarity with the available security solutions and how to properly utilize them to secure your workloads running within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is critical. To help you learn and develop your technical skills around our security offerings, we have Oracle LiveLabs, which allow you to explore a wide variety of labs and technical workshops for Oracle’s tools and technologies running in OCI. We’re happy to announce our latest addition to LiveLabs security workshops.

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