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Improve demand forecast accuracy with Oracle Fusion Cloud Demand Management.

Overcome forecasting challenges

Better forecast accuracy helps you improve customer service while reducing costs. But how can you predict demand when your business constantly changes? Oracle Fusion Cloud Demand Management combines proven machine learning algorithms with flexible analytics to help you anticipate customer demand.

Sense, predict, and shape demand

Oracle Demand Management’s embedded best-in-class processes orient your demand planning process around your customers. You can analyze and segment customer demand, manage demand variability, handle frequent product introductions, and plan demand for configured products and options. Comprehensive analytics, social collaboration, and mobility features enhance your insights and promote teamwork, enabling your organization to accurately sense, predict, and shape demand.

Analyze your plan with flexible dashboards

Oracle Demand Management serves as the central system for automating all your demand planning processes by providing customer-centric, configurable dashboards with a summary of KPIs. Proactively anticipate your customers' needs and demand changes by visually analyzing the plan with the support of guided navigation.

Sense demand

To respond effectively to uncertain demand, you need to ensure all demand signals are captured at the right level of detail to uncover any factors influencing demand patterns. Oracle Demand Management senses demand in real time using multiple data sources, such as shipment information and syndicated data.

Predict demand

Oracle Demand Management’s patented Bayesian analytical forecast engine generates the most-accurate forecasts possible using machine learning. Users can run an unlimited number of forecast simulations to see the potential impact of price changes, marketing campaigns, weather shifts, promotions, and other events.

Manage forecast accuracy

KPIs such as mean absolute deviation, mean and absolute percentage error (MAPE), and bias measure the true effectiveness and efficiency of your planning process. To drive continuous improvement, you can drill down to identify items with chronic accuracy issues.

Analyze demand

Oracle Demand Management is built on a flexible, multidimensional data architecture that gives users “slice-and-dice” analytic capabilities. Users can organize the data using different hierarchies, currencies, and units of measure, giving each their own view in addition to segmenting the supply chain.

Shape demand

See the immediate impact of your adjustments on the demand plan, and engage with various stakeholders in the demand planning process to get a holistic view of your customers' demand.

Balance demand and supply

Finally, you can approve the plan for use by downstream planning processes. Oracle Demand Management is tightly integrated with Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Planning and Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales and Operations Planning so you can continuously balance demand and supply in a single user interface.

Replenish demand

If you plan inventory replenishments to retail stores, par locations, or other stocking locations based on inventory policies such as reorder point, min-max, and economic order quantity, you can take advantage of demand-driven replenishment planning capabilities within Oracle Demand Management.

A modern app for a digital generation

Take advantage of Oracle Fusion Cloud Demand Management’s world-class simulations, collaboration features, ease of use, and ease of deployment to take your planning to the next level.

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