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Overcome Tomorrow’s Threats

Today, companies like yours face a dual threat. Competing means innovating, embracing emerging technologies, and rapidly adjusting to changing markets. At the same time, others are innovating against you by exploring vulnerabilities in your systems and processes. Addressing these security challenges, implementing effective controls, and addressing compliance is an expectation of every IT department. But do you have the right skills to combat these ever-changing threats across complex, hybrid, multicloud environments? Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help.

Top 4 Security Challenges

Increased Complexity

The use of hybrid and multicloud environments presents a growing challenge of protecting these complex systems and guarding against configuration errors.

Malicious Innovation

Yesterday’s protections are no longer enough against the threat of sophisticated cyberattacks.

Rapid Changes

Rapid application deployment and adoption of emerging technologies means that vulnerability scanning and threat mitigation must keep up.

Scarce Security Skills

Businesses face these growing cybersecurity demands with lean IT teams and a diminishing external pool of qualified security experts.




“92% of this year’s research respondents admitted that their organization has a gap between current and planned cloud usage and the maturity of their cloud security program.”

Security Solutions for Your Business



  • Assess current security
  • Identify and prioritize gaps
  • Develop a security governance plan


  • Implement and optimize security configuration across architecture
  • Guide configuration, patching, and upgrade efforts
  • Deploy proactive threat-prevention services


  • Provide mission-critical security operations and management
  • Enable security monitoring, alerting, and reporting services
  • Implement end-to-end guidance and governance
Request a Security Risk Assessment

A security risk assessment is a great first step to learn about security gaps and configuration errors. We can help you understand and mitigate risks for your business. Contact your Oracle representative today.