Product Tour—Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management

Deliver an outstanding experience to each guest while maximizing operational efficiency in every area of your business

View your most important functions on one customizable screen

Customize OPERA Cloud’s user-friendly dashboard to suit your needs, so you only see the information relevant to you. The drill-down capabilities allow you to quickly and easily access the detailed information you need; for example, you can drill down on arrivals to commence a reservation check-in.

Look to Book provides a room type and rate query interface

Create single and multi-segment reservations via Trip Composer, which displays the rate amount and room type for ease of use. Users can pick up inventory from House or from a group block.

Locate reservations easily

Use a variety of search options that can be displayed in several layouts, such as a table, list, or card view (shown here), depending on your personal preference. The hyperlinked text in the reservation blocks provides direct access to the full data with one click.

Customize reservation details

Clearly display reservation details in panels, and customize the presentation style to access the data you need quickly and easily. Graphical indicators for VIP, first-time, or repeat guest; loyalty member; and restricted status allow you to quickly identify the status of your guests and deliver a more personalized service.

Multilanguage capabilities and fiscally compliant

Select from 20 different languages from any location globally to meet the needs of your staff. OPERA Cloud meets fiscal and legal requirements in more than 200 countries.

Enhanced guest profile view

View all information related to the guest, including communication, past stays, membership details, and guest preferences, to deliver a personalized guest experience, which will keep your customers coming back.

Handling group bookings has never been easier!

Manage group room blocks and their associated details, such as number of rooms, number of people per room, arrival and departure dates, group rates, billing requirements, and sales owner. You can also easily upload the group room list from an Excel spreadsheet directly into the property management system.

Check in a reservation quickly and easily

Offer your guests a fast, personalized, consistent check-in experience with a configurable, standardized set of steps. The same user interface is supported on a tablet, allowing your staff to check in guests anywhere on the property. Guests can e-sign their registration card on a tablet, speeding up the check-in process.

Preparing the bill is a breeze

Offer multiple folios per reservation for charge routing. The drag-and-drop functionality lets you easily transfer postings to another folio or another room, and multiple room accounts can be opened concurrently for ease of viewing.

Payments made easy

Offer guests a seamless and secure payment experience when they’re ready to settle their account with payment provider integration for online EMV credit card settlement. The same user interface is supported on a tablet, untethering your front desk and enabling checkout anywhere on the property.

Make staff more proficient

A contextual “I Want To” panel assists staff with performing tasks and actions related to the record, providing an intuitive experience for new users.

A variety of standard reports

Make informed decisions about your daily operations with access to real-time business insights. The report scheduler simplifies the reporting process by automating report generation. Reports can be emailed, printed, or generated in a variety of file formats.

Put the power of OPERA Cloud in the hands of your staff

Extend key hotel functions to mobile devices, and empower your staff—including porters, valet workers, and housekeeping—to improve the guest experience and maximize efficiency from anywhere on the property. Key functions can include room maintenance, minibar restocking, and more.

Flexibility for the chain and property

Customize OPERA Cloud at both a global (chain) and property level. Fields can be added or removed, the tab order can be adjusted, and new records can be flagged mandatory with default values defined. You can also extend OPERA Cloud’s core business logic with custom field validations and other conditional logic.

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