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Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate provides business continuity by replicating data up to 6x faster than traditional data movement solutions for high availability, disaster recovery and zero downtime migrations. Synchronize data between heterogeneous sources and targets without impacting system performance. Read The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020 named Oracle as a leader blog

Oracle GoldenGate features

Direct access to Oracle Database

Faster data movement

GoldenGate connection to the Oracle Database kernel delivers high-speed data movement for the best performance.

Oracle Database optimized for GoldenGate.

Optimization reduces buffer latency for parallel writes to targets.

Embedded business accelerators

Oracle Integration helps limit training and accelerate end-to-end process automation with pre-built, configuration-based integrations that are directly embedded in select Oracle SaaS applications.

Heterogeneous replication

Range of sources and targets

Integrate data between popular databases, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Big Data systems, NoSQL, multi-cloud, and Exadata.

Reliable data transfer

Provide transactional integrity with built-in conflict detection and resolution Deliver data securely with SSL and encryption.

Oracle and non-Oracle synchronization

Keep active databases updated at all times, anywhere in the world.

Real-time streaming and analysis

Stream data and events

Capture CSV, JSON and Avro files in Kafka and JMS queues. Stream transactional data into Kafka, REST, Autonomous Database, or data lakes.

Integrates with Oracle Stream Analytics

Analyze, correlate and graphically analyze in-motion data. Gain actionable insights as soon as data is found.

Microservices Architecture for GoldenGate

Modular GoldenGate software

Building blocks of key GoldenGate processes (administration, distribution, metric, etc.) interact with other integration services.

REST API access

Manage and deploy GoldenGate on the Web. Run and interact with GoldenGate commands from anywhere.

Integrate with Big Data

GoldenGate for Big Data

Integrate with technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Kafka, etc. Support NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra, and Oracle NoSQL).

Multi-cloud support

Capture data from AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Azure.

Portfolio of integration solutions

Integrate with Oracle ETL

Works with Oracle Data Integrator. Keep data synchronized after performing an initial bulk load.

Integrates with Enterprise Data Quality

Cleanse and profile data for data warehouses and data lakes.

Integrate with Oracle Veridata

Data verification

Identify table records that are out-of-sync. Verify data consistency across heterogeneous databases.

Data fix

Compare and repair datasets to improve data quality.

Oracle Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate

Simplifies monitoring GoldenGate across the enterprise

Increase visibility into GoldenGate processes via web-based interfaces and real-time notifications.

Integrates with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Monitor GoldenGate across the enterprise with centralized management and monitoring, improving productivity.

subaru logo

Subaru connects partner ecosystem with Oracle Cloud

Learn how global automotive company, Subaru, used Oracle GoldenGate to integrate and synchronize partner databases with their on-premise databases located in multiple datacenters, and without disrupting the performance of operational systems.

Oracle GoldenGate solutions

  • GoldenGate Microservices

    Read how GoldenGate Microservices can be used to simplify cloud deployments.

    Read the presentation (PDF)

  • Integrate Big Data for ML and analytics

    Ingest to targets like Hadoop, Kafka, JMS, NoSQL databases and Machine Learning.

    Learn more (PDF)

  • GoldenGate for high availability

    High availability cloud migration blueprints using GoldenGate and Maximum Availability Architecture.

    Learn more

  • Disaster Recovery

    Read MAA blueprints to help reduce down-time for Exadata, Cloud database.

    Read the presentation (PDF)

  • Real-time streaming analytics

    Watch the Techtalks video about GoldenGate as a data streaming platform.

    Watch the video (17:44)



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