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Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019: Welcome

Oracle President Loïc Le Guisquet welcomes everyone to Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

Digital Transformation: Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019

Business innovation and technology is rapidly shifting. Deloitte Chief Innovation Officer and Managing Director John Liu shares tech trends at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

Panel: Tomorrow's Business,Today: Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019

This session will provide key insights into business transformation and how to future-proof your business. Hear from business leaders on what has helped them to thrive and succeed in today's changing digital landscape at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

Future-Proof Your Business with Oracle Cloud Apps: OpenWorld Asia 2019

Quickly and easily embrace innovation and emerging technologies to future-proof your business using Oracle Cloud. Oracle Executive Vice President Steve Miranda shares how Oracle is enabling business users at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

Believe the Unbelievable: Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019

AirAsia has broken out of the mold, managed uncertainty, experimented and innovated with new revenue streams. AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer Tony Fernandes shares how technology helps AirAsia stay agile at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

The Race to Reinvent the Future: OpenWorld Asia 2019

The Future Enterprise is IDC's vision for how firms must organize and invest to participate in increasingly digitally-centric markets. IDC Group Vice President of the Asia/Pacific Practice Group Sandra Ng shares more at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

The Future of Work...and What it Means for You: OpenWorld Asia 2019

Examine the key trends shaping the future of work, jobs of the future, and skills in demand. Bronze Phoenix Founder and CEO Su-Yen Wong shares what it takes to thrive in an age of disruption at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

Cloud Generation 2: Autonomous, Secure, and Extensible: OpenWorld Asia 2019

Andrew Sutherland and Steve Daheb discuss the future of cloud computing and the technologies it enables to take your business to the future, today at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

Taking On an Ocean of Challenges: Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019

Our future depends on the ocean, but we are killing it with great diligence. Its survival is dependent on our ability to implement solutions at scale and speed. Inventor and Environmentalist Cesar Jung-Harada shares more at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.

Human-Centric Technology: Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019

Singapore's Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat stresses the importance of placing customers and people at the center of any business innovation strategy in his keynote at Oracle OpenWorld Asia 2019.