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Oracle Analytics Cloud for Marketing

Prove Multichannel ROI
Identify Your Marketing Blind Spots
Predict Customer Buying Patterns
Respond to Changing Market Conditions


Go All In with Analytics

Marketers have never faced greater pressure to be data-driven in their strategy and execution. In fact, 92 percent of CMOs want to be data-driven in how they quantify the value of both their marketing spend and their contribution to the organization. But growing data sources have made it more difficult to gain insights. How can you adapt?

Marketers need to become better digital listeners to discover more innovative and efficient ways to acquire new customers, increase brand awareness, and launch new products and services.

Today’s digital developments can help you become innovative by empowering you to outgrow your competitors. Now, you can make the most of your marketing spend by breaking through the digital boundaries of your marketing campaigns. You’ll understand how marketing impacts other parts of the business—and ultimately helps drive revenue.

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a complete, connected platform that empowers you to take advantage of relevant, real-time, and role-based marketing analytics to shape your success. With visual analytics in every solution, cloud-first innovation, and insights available through a complete and connected platform Access data from any marketing system, or any other data source from the business to gain a high-def picture of your marketing campaign and customer journey—on premises or in the cloud.

Oracle Analytics Cloud for Marketing

Prove Marketing ROI across traditional and digital channels
Identify Blind Spots and target customers in the right way and at the right time

Predict Buying Patterns and personalize recommendations
Blend Data from multiple sources

Adapt to Change
Adapt to Change Respond to changing market conditions and absorb nuances in shifting customer behavior

How can you access all the data you need to succeed?

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