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Oracle BPEL Process Managerのメッセージ・スレッド・アーキテクチャ

リリース 以降でのOracle BPEL Process Managerにおけるメッセージ・スレッド・アーキテクチャについて説明します。

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Business Process Driven SOA using BPMN and BPEL

Learn how to model business processes in an SOA-compliant approach using BPMN, translate them into BPEL and execute them on the SOA platform.

WS-BPEL 2.0 for SOA Composite Applications with Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Define, model, implement, and monitor real-world BPEL business processes with SOA-powered BPM


Information Center: Oracle BPEL Process Manager 11g

Oracle BPEL Process Manager サンプル&デモ

 Official 11g Samples

The official samples for Oracle BPEL Process Manager 11g are available for download from http://java.net/projects/oraclesoasuite11g.

This also includes specific BPEL PM samples:
  • Hello World
    bpel-101-HelloWorld [707 KB]
    A simple BPEL process in an SCA composite application
  • Assign Activities
    bpel-102-AssignActivities [428 KB]
    A sample that shows how to use the Assign activity in a BPEL process
  • Array Sample
    bpel-104-ArraySample [650 KB]
    A sample that shows how to use BPEL to process an XML invoice and examine each of the invoices line items using an array approach. The sample iterates over each line item in the invoice and calculates the total price of all line items. It then returns the invoice, with the calculated result, asynchronously to the caller.
  • Headers
    bpel-105-Headers [454 KB]
    This sample contains instructions for how to create a BPEL process that can set standard header information,and create customer headers. It also shows how a BPEL process can retrieve both types of headers (standard and customized) for processing.
  • XQuery
    bpel-108-UsingXQuery [1.1 MB]
    This sample contains instructions for how to create a simple BPEL process that makes use of an XQuery script to process information. The caller will pass in an XML document that defines the search criteria for finding matching customer records. The BPEL process will use that document and search through its XML database (a file in this example) using an XQuery script to find and return all matching customer records.
  • Inbound Correlation
    bpel-305-InboundCorrelation [4 MB]
    A simple inbound correlation scenario. This BPEL process is initiated when it receives an order header message. It then waits until another message arrives containing the order details before continuing and processing the order. This raises the issue of how can the second message containing the order details be delivered specifically to the running BPEL instance that is waiting for it? The answer is to use correlation. This sample contains a pre-built project ready to be run, but also full detailed instructions on how to build it yourself
  • Partial Encryption
    bpel-310-PartialEncryption [4.6 MB]
    Encrypt part of an inbound message and decrypt it on outbound to protect sensitive data from appearing in the console, audit trail, or logs. This sample uses an policy custom assertion to invoke some custom Java code for inbound messages. The Java code encrypts the sensitive data in the payload so that it is not readable in the console, audit trail, or logs. The encrypted data is then decrypted for outbound messages for external services downstream. Also demonstrated in this sample is how the BPEL process can decrypt the data for use in business logic, without exposing the sensitive data in the console, audit trail, or logs

For a complete list of SOA Suite samples, please check the official Oracle SOA Suite Samples Page

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