Oracle My Wellness Datasheet

Key features

  • Provide feedback to employees on progress towards their individual wellness goals
  • Give recommendations to employees on behaviors that can increase their well-being
  • Create games and competitions to foster adoption and increase participation in health and welfare programs

Key benefits

  • Healthier employees miss less work
  • Wellness programs can reduce an organizations healthcare costs
  • Offering a wellness program helps create greater employee engagement

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My Wellness is part of Oracle’s Work Life Solutions and allows employees to set wellness goals and gives employee feedback on the progress towards their goals. It also provides recommendations to employees on behaviors that can increase their well-being.

My Wellness allows benefits professionals to create games and competitions to foster adoption and increase participation in their wellness programs.

Workplace wellness initiatives

The combination of an aging workforce and long term increases for health costs has forced organizations to find ways of promoting wellness and improving the health of their employees.

There is a high interest by employees to launch or grow wellness initiatives, and employees generally see these initiatives as beneficial to their own health. Many employers now offer some level of incentive to employees who participate in a wellness program. Interest in wellness programs is also driven by Part U of the Affordable Care Act which encourages these types of programs.

Workplace wellness programs are a win-win for both the enterprise and its employees. Investments in wellness programs have demonstrated returns on investment and are a viable way for businesses to address the well-being of their employee and their bottom line. Employees who participate in workplace wellness programs are generally regarded as fitter, more productive, and have better morale.

Oracle’s My Wellness provides the tools to implement, administer, and manage wellness programs.

Establishing effective wellness programs

Oracle is responding to one of the greatest demographic challenges ever posed. As populations around the world age, the urgency and cost of ensuring that the population maintains a sufficient level of wellness to stay productive is important to organizations that rely on healthy workforces to remain profitable and competitive. My Wellness addresses that problem by enabling companies to engage employees, bring wellness into their lives and reward them for participating. My Wellness also helps shift the emphasis of health maintenance efforts from expensive reactive interventions to proactive positive lifestyle changes.

Three perspectives

My Wellness Foundation provides the framework for the enterprise wellness program goals, wellness contests, lifestyle leaders’ scoreboards, and participations incentives. This foundation enables organizations to easily launch and administer wellness programs.

My Wellness provides the personal wellness profile and goals, personal activity tracking, the opportunity to create and join wellness teams and wellness prompts and notifications, to focus on employee participation and engagement in these programs.

Enterprise My Wellness enables benefits managers to track the overall effectiveness of the wellness program by providing visibility to wellness program activity, including wellness profiles and goals attained.