Oracle SCM Solutions – Manufacturing Intelligence

Drive Manufacturing Excellence
Drive Manufacturing Excellence

Streamline your entire production cycle, drive operational excellence, improve visibility and collaboration, mitigate risk and enforce compliance.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Maximise profit margins and optimise productivity with a bottom-up approach to collecting and analysing real-time performance data.

Plant Floor Data Analysis

Plant Floor Data Analysis

Continuously collect data from the shop floor and synchronise it with data from your ERP system.

  • Collect, cleanse and process data from disparate sources and store it in a single, secure repository
  • Collect shop floor data from a range of control systems and sensors
  • Monitor production performance in real time through pre-built analytical dashboards and reports
Customer story: Elecon Transforms Production Data into Actionable Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (PDF)
Strategic Cost Management

Strategic Cost Management

Transform your operations with real-time access to complex analyses of untapped and under-utilised costing data.

  • Capture the highest profits with real-time simulations of all cost factors
  • Maximise cost margins for finished goods using comprehensive what-if analyses
  • Proactively plan for change by simulating the impact of future costs throughout your enterprise
Video: Oracle In-Memory Cost Management
Manufacturing Analytics

Manufacturing Analytics

Optimise your supply networks by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain, enabling users to make informed manufacturing decisions.

  • Montior adherence to plan by correlating work order data with production plans
  • Maximise service levels by alleviating bottlenecks in the production process
  • Monitor and control manufacturing quality to adhere to predefined targets and standards
Video: Life Changing Analytics: A Day in the Life of Mike (1:08)
Manufacturing Operational Costs

Manufacturing Operational Costs

Meet customer expectations and improve productivity with actionable, real-time shop floor information.

  • Gain a real-time view of shop floor status with high level and detailed views of current work orders
  • Receive a 360-degree view of work orders from in-house and outsourced manufacturing operations
  • Reduce product risks with alerts and key summarised metrics that identify potential risks to project completion
Video: USANA Optimises Manufacturing (2:45)

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