AI Speech to Text

OCI Speech is an AI service that uses automatic speech recognition technology to transform audio content to text and textual content to speech. Get accurate, text-normalized, time-stamped transcriptions via the OCI console, OCI Data Science notebooks, and REST APIs as well as command-line interfaces or SDKs.

OCI Speech features

Prebuilt acoustic and language models

OCI Speech uses automatic speech recognition, a deep learning process, to derive accurate transcription from natural conversations. Get started easily by using prebuilt acoustic and language models that don’t require users to have data science experience.

Analyze data from audio and video files

Search, index, and decipher data buried in your audio files. Convert recorded audio conversations to textual data to analyze with AI services. For example, you can use OCI Language to retrieve the sentiment and OCI Speech’s anomaly detection capabilities to identify chances of customer churn.

Real-time transcription

Now in limited availability, OCI Speech’s real-time transcription feature lets you send audio streams and receive accurate transcription in seconds.

Neural text to speech (TTS)

Now in limited availability, the text-to-speech feature in OCI Speech lets developers synthesize human-like speech from text across applications. Enable conversations with customers, translate multiple languages with voice, improve accessibility, and perform other tasks.

Native multilingual support

OCI Speech ASR models support English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so you can transcribe your audio files in your preferred languages.

Diarization for increased readability and understanding

OCI Speech supports diarization for organizing, analyzing, and extracting meaningful information from spoken interactions.

Integrated transcription service

Eliminate reliance on third-party transcription offerings and practice more control over your data with end-to-end security and compliance.

Easy to integrate

OCI Speech is a versatile service that can be called via REST APIs, different SDKs, and Oracle CLI. Developers can easily deploy a scalable speech service without having data science or ML expertise.

Purpose-built for security and privacy

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Speech protects our customers’ privacy. Prebuilt automatic speech recognition models transcribe your content, but do not store any data for training, debugging, or other purposes.

Integrated transcription service

OCI Speech uses proprietary models and architecture that enables fast conversion for speech into text.

Confidence score per word

We added a word-level confidence score to help you identify words that might have been transcribed incorrectly. Use the word confidence score to determine where to focus when building an application.

Profanity filters

We added prebuilt word filtering using a curated list of profanities. You can either mask, remove, or tag profanities.

Our real-time speech recognition feature helps ensure that your speech is accurately transcribed as you speak naturally, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted communication.
Michael Zhang, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Use cases for OCI Speech

Digital media content searching and closed captions

Automatically provide in-workflow closed captioning on the OCI platform for all content created and curated by digital media services. Index your content using OCI Speech for easy searching across your content.

Customer feedback and call analytics

Transcribe customer calls for easy searching and retrieval of information. Use OCI Language to detect sentiment and help identify customer churn and staff training opportunities.

Medical dictation

Real-time transcription lets physicians and nurses capture patient notes on the go, helping increase efficiency and improve care and outcomes.

Improved accessibility

Neural text-to-speech provides a high-accuracy, human-like voice with intonations, providing more options for accessibility features.

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