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Oracle Careers

Develop Oracle Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure

Join our Cloud Lifecycle Team in Bristol.

Develop Oracle Cloud Architecture
and Infrastructure

Join our Cloud BI and Analytics Team in Bristol.

Oracle in Bristol

Based in the city centre, our teams are building the architecture and infrastructure on which Oracle Cloud products are developed, delivered, and run, as well as developing business intelligence and analytics systems that are being used by tens of millions of people worldwide.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an engineer-led environment where great developers and technical staff are given the flexibility, freedom, and support to produce their best work.

  • Challenge

    This is your chance to join an outstanding group of like-minded engineers and contribute to large-scale cloud technology that touches many millions of users around the globe.

  • Opportunity

    We want to engage with engineers at all levels, from precocious recent graduates to experienced software delivery managers. Domain experience is important, but it’s not all-important.

    If you’re exceptional at what you do, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Job

    Work on overcoming software challenges on a scale usually associated with Silicon Valley.
    As part of our Bristol software engineering team, you’ll collaborate with people who are as passionate about technology as you are—and who are constantly developing and growing their skill set.


The Roles


Cloud Lifecycle Team Software Engineers

Define how existing and future Oracle Cloud products are built, tested, and deployed at scale, using the latest and best technologies in the world’s largest enterprise sandbox.


Cloud BI and Analytics Team Software Engineers

Design and build the cloud infrastructure that underpins Oracle’s more than 200 SaaS applications in the cloud. Experience the challenge of working with the large and varied systems in Oracle’s product set.

Why Work at Oracle?


Innovation—The digital world is rapidly transforming.

Nothing speaks to innovation like being part of the company that’s reshaping the IT industry. Oracle offers the most complete and integrated cloud platform in the world, enabling customers to transform their businesses amid the digital revolution.


Culture—Work with the industry’s sharpest minds in an exciting environment.

At the heart of Oracle’s success is a culture of innovation and knowledge-sharing that has produced brilliant teams and some of the most respected products in the industry. This is the place where every employee is encouraged to use all resources to reach their full potential and achieve success.


Scale—Work on products that will be used daily by millions of people.

Because Oracle has more business users than any other software vendor, the team in Bristol will make design decisions that impact millions of people daily. With more than 420,000 customers and with deployments across multiple industries in more than 145 countries, Oracle offers a fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems.


Career Development—Get to where you want to be with Oracle’s structured programmes.

Oracle’s structured programmes support each employee's career journey. Career progression is part of Oracle’s DNA. Let us give you all the tools you need to drive your personal and professional growth within an environment that places learning at its heart.


Technology—Use the latest technologies to create smooth and efficient systems in the home of Java.

Oracle’s move into the cloud means our engineering teams are constantly exploring new and interesting technologies, tools, and languages. Currently, we’re implementing microservice architectures using containerization and functional languages. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


Environment—Enter an environment designed by software engineers, for software engineers.

Our brand-new offices in the heart of Bristol are situated on the river Avon and are within easy reach of the city’s best coffee shops, organic food markets, and bars. Our offices have a lab vibe and there’s a terrific breakout area where we host local tech meet-ups and challenge one another to table football matches (the match results are stored in the cloud, of course).

Employee Testimonials

Read what our team in Bristol say about working at Oracle.

  • bristol-employee-testimonials-thom-leggett


    Thom Leggett - Director of Product Engineering for Oracle Cloud



    Thom Leggett - Director of Product Engineering for Oracle Cloud, Off-Road Trail Runner.

    “It's not something you always notice from the outside, but Oracle is definitely a tech company at its core.”

    Thom helps teams with delivery and operation of services across Oracle Public Cloud infrastructure, and in his spare time finds running gives him time and space to think.

    “I love to run long distance off-road trails; the muddier and hillier the better. For example, I recently entered the Fan Dance High Moon Race where you run over Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, at night and in the snow. This was a formidable mental and physical challenge. I'd like to run the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in a few years’ time.”

    Having joined Oracle in early 2016, Thom cites a number of reasons behind his decision: “Oracle has built such a friendly environment for engineers. This means that I get to work with some amazing people on a daily basis.”

    “The cloud, particularly one with the scale and scope of Oracle's, is a great problem space to be working in. There is the opportunity to get involved in challenges at every level of the stack from the hardware up.”

  • bristol-employee-testimonials-natascha-kearsey


    Natascha Kearsey - Software Developer



    Natascha Kearsey - Software Developer, Russophile, Countdown Champion.

    “Since I rejoined Oracle in January last year, the projects I've worked on have tended to be fairly small-scale in nature, which means you quickly move on to become familiar with other product areas. Also, it's a very relaxed working environment with flexible hours and good people.”

    A love of languages takes many forms for Natascha Kearsey. A key member of the original team that developed Oracle’s business intelligence Discoverer software using a variety of languages (including Java and C++), Natascha later opted to follow her other language-based passion. She took time out to gain a degree in Russian Studies and Linguistics at Edinburgh University, which enabled her to live and work in Russia before returning to Oracle to help shape the cloud in our BI and Analytics team. She also put her linguistic and logic skills to the test in becoming the Champion of Champions on Channel 4’s popular quiz, Countdown.

    Natascha loves the variety of work in the BI team and relishes the opportunity to learn new technologies.

  • bristol-employee-testimonials-simon-lord


    Simon Lord - Software Engineer



    Simon Lord - Software Engineer, Downhill Mountain Biker.

    “Getting out on the mountain bike and pushing your limits is a great way to reset and maintain balance.”

    Simon is part of the relatively new Oracle Public Cloud delivery team in Bristol, where he’s focused on shaping how existing and future Oracle Cloud products are built, tested, and deployed at scale. In his spare time, Simon enjoys the exhilaration of hurling himself down hills on a bike.

    As in his career at Oracle, he believes that mountain biking is all about having confidence in yourself and your abilities and having the focus and patience to make progress. Simon loves the flexibility available with his role and the fact he works with great people.

  • bristol-employee-testimonials-shobha-mohan


    Shobha Mohan - Software Developer


    Private Cloud

    Shobha Mohan - Software Developer, Badminton Ace

    “I have the opportunity to work on multiple projects using interesting technologies. I love the flexible hours, the friendly work environment, and the various lifestyle benefits.”

    Shobha is a key member of the BI and Analytics team based in Bristol and has the opportunity to work on a vast technology set that underpins many Oracle Cloud products. Having been with us for more than 10 years, Shobha is currently working on the BICS uptake of the Oracle Database 12c platform using various technologies like Java, C++, Ant, Chef, and Python.

    Outside of the office, Shobha relaxes by playing in a competitive badminton league, and, as in software development, she believes her success is built on enjoying what she does and being committed to every step of the process.

  • bristol-employee-testimonials-tony-barrett-powell


    Tony Barrett-Powell - Software Developer



    Tony Barrett-Powell - Software Developer, Guitarist, Photographer.

    “Oracle has a very flexible environment to work in, and, as an organization, is focused on providing a good work/life balance.”

    As well as being a musician, Tony is a photographer who shoots at events and does portrait work for clients. He sees photography and music as creative endeavours requiring an eye (or ear) for detail; similar skills are required when developing world-class lifecycle management tools for the cloud.

    As part of the BI and Analytics team in Bristol, Tony uses Nimbula and Docker for virtualization, Chef for system creation and upgrades, and Python for script support.

    “I enjoy being part of the great team we have in Bristol, focused on the many areas of Oracle BI products including our push into the cloud.

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