Oracle Database Migration Technologies

Migration Technologies

The following sections summarize the primary capabilities of Oracle’s migration-related advisors, solutions, tools, and software products. With some limitations, most tools can migrate data from an earlier database version to a later version as well as any on-premises database version to any cloud version and platform. However, our migration planning advisors are specifically developed to recommend the best options for your requirements. Read the documentation for specific capabilities.


Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool

The Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool (CPAT) is an essential diagnostic tool to evaluate source database compatibility with a target database. CPAT identifies issues, prioritizes their importance, and suggests resolutions. CPAT is available for free and is also embedded into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Database Migration service, Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM), Enterprise Manager database migration workbench, and Data Pump logical migration solutions.


Database Services Navigator

The Database Services Navigator is a free, self-service application suite to explore and compare Oracle Database Cloud services, specific features and options by database, migration planning options, and other related topics.


Oracle Estate Explorer

Oracle Estate Explorer securely and privately catalogs your entire database estate and evaluates the ease of migration to a target database or database platform. Migration recommendations are made based on complexity and the lowest amount of effort required. Detailed remediation guidance is provided for all migration issues. This tool is available from your sales team.


Cloud Migration Advisor

Cloud Migration Advisor helps you find and fine-tune the best migration methods and tools for each specific source and target database across your estate. This tool is available from your sales team.


OCI Database Migration

OCI Database Migration is an OCI-managed service that provides cross-version, fault-tolerant, and incremental Oracle Database migrations for online and offline use cases. This free and easy-to-use service transparently uses Oracle’s portfolio of enterprise-class database migration tools: Zero Downtime Migration, Data Pump, GoldenGate, and Cloud Premigration Advisor.


Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

Zero Downtime Migration offers online/offline and physical/logical workflow options and allows for inline version upgrades. ZDM is executed through command-line interface (CLI) and REST APIs. The Cloud Premigration Advisor Tool is integrated into the logical workflow. ZDM uses Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture technologies such as Oracle Data Guard (active-passive) and GoldenGate (active-active) to minimize or eliminate downtime. Licensing of Data Guard or GoldenGate is not required.


Oracle Enterprise Manager database migration workbench

The database migration workbench is a component of Enterprise Manager and leverages known database metadata to help plan, execute, and validate migration workflows. Physical migration workflows can be performed while applications are online or offline. SQL Performance Analyzer highlights differences between the source and migrated databases to validate performance. Enterprise Manager and the Real Application Testing database option that includes SQL Performance Analyzer requires licensing.



Oracle Recovery Manager

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is a built-in database utility that manages backup, restore, and recovery for Oracle Databases. Oracle RMAN is used for physical database migrations and relied on in physical migration solutions with Enterprise Manager database migration workbench and Zero Downtime Migration.


Oracle Data Pump

Oracle Data Pump is a built-in database utility that allows data and metadata export and import between Oracle Databases. Data Pump is relied on in logical migration solutions with Enterprise Manager database migration workbench, OCI Database Migration, and Zero Downtime Migration.


Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer is a built-in database utility for development and management of an Oracle Database. SQL Developer offers development of your PL/SQL applications, a worksheet for running queries and scripts, a DBA console for managing the database, a reports interface, a complete data modeling solution, and a migration platform for moving your databases to OCI.


Oracle Multitenant migration options

Oracle Multitenant is administratively simple way to migrate databases. The plug/unplug methods are available between multitenant databases or for multitenant targets. Plug/unplug methods are valid for customers with little-endian, on-premises platforms and Oracle Databases 12c or higher.


OCI Data Transfer Appliance

Data Transfer Appliance securely moves terabytes or petabytes data between on-premises data centers and the cloud. The service can reduce data migration times from weeks or months to just days, and is available for data import to the cloud and data export from the cloud.



Oracle Real Application Testing

Oracle Real Application Testing is a licensed Oracle Database option and includes SQL Performance Analyzer and Database Replay. These tools are useful for validating database upgrades and migrations. SQL Performance Analyzer is integrated into Enterprise Manager database migration workbench. Licensing is required when using this option with on-premises databases. Refer to licensing information, Section 1.4, Table 1-15 under Oracle Real Application Testing.


Oracle GoldenGate and OCI GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate and OCI GoldenGate add high availability capabilities for database migrations where targets and standby databases are being asynchronously updated. Oracle GoldenGate can be deployed manually with licensing or embedded at no cost in OCI Database Migration and Zero Downtime Management.


Oracle GoldenGate Veridata

Oracle GoldenGate Veridata ensures that data and metadata across databases are in sync. This tool adds additional value for long-duration database migrations where one or more targets are being asynchronously updated. Oracle GoldenGate Veridata requires licensing.