Encouraging vitality and a healthy quality of life


My Wellbeing, My Life

‘My Wellbeing, My Life’ is Oracle UK’s wellness programme, open to all Oracle UK employees. The programme is geared to encouraging vitality, a healthy quality of life, and a positive working environment in which people thrive.

‘My Wellbeing, My Life’ encompasses an array of initiatives, from physical and mental health, nutrition, and sleep programmes, to financial and legal support, stress management, and support during periods of home working.

Our priority is to be proactive, so employees can gain awareness, education, and support to successfully function at work and at home, free from factors which may negatively impact upon their health.

‘My Wellbeing, My Life’ content is tailored to ensure it remains useful, accessible, and relevant. Recent initiatives have covered better support working from home, home schooling, other caring responsibilities, and financial wellbeing.

Helping our employees thrive

Oracle SWIFT

Oracle SWIFT is a proactive health and wellbeing solution for managers and employees. SWIFT provides managers with expert, dedicated support to anonymously discuss employee wellbeing concerns and signpost the most appropriate wellbeing pathway.

SWIFT support is available to managers either by telephone or email. The dedicated team provides individual advice to managers within 24 hours of a query being made.


Targeted wellbeing campaigns

As part of ‘My Wellbeing, My Life’, we run monthly wellbeing campaigns, such as cancer awareness, sleep training, mindfulness, and mental health awareness. As part of Mental Health Awareness month, for example, we ran two a series of popular webinars to encourage employees and managers to take proactive steps to improve their mental wellbeing .

We use SLACK as a wellbeing communication channel, with approximately 2,000 employees now following the channel with high levels of engagement. A monthly wellbeing employee newsletter ‘My Wellbeing, My Life’, together with a dedicated website, contain all the available resources in one place.


Wellbeing training

Oracle regularly delivers both manager and employee training on a variety of wellbeing topics, including mental health, which are available in real-time and on demand. Examples include ‘Your Wellbeing, Your Tools’ and ‘Stress Awareness and Mental Health’. We also provide employees and their dependants with access to a free and confidential Employee Assistance Programme, offering emotional and practical support should they need it 24/7 and in confidence.


Stevenson Farmer Review

Oracle has also been working towards the implementation of the core standards as set out in the Stevenson Farmer Review on Mental Health and Employers. To date, we have successfully implemented five of the six core standards and one enhanced standard.

We aim to maintain this excellent progress, implementing further standards from the Stevenson Farmer Review. We review the existing initiatives annually, carefully monitoring emerging influences that impact mental wellbeing such as social media and COVID-19, applying additional resources and support as required.