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Oracle Public Sector – Solutions for Central Government

Solutions for National and Federal Government

While government departments may be organised and funded differently, there is a common requirement to understand the resources used in the delivery of services to the UK taxpayer. Oracle not only provides flexible cloud solutions that meet the needs of each organisation, but also delivers the industry’s most complete front to back office solution, enabling departments to accelerate efficiencies and embed best practice in areas such as shared services.

How can your IT systems become more efficient?
Government ModernisationGovernment Modernisation

Enabling Digitisation in your Department

All government departments are working to modernise their IT infrastructure, within fiscal constraints, whilst working with legacy IT assets. Oracle cloud services provide huge a ‘step change’ in moving to technologies such as predictive analytics, utilising machine learning and adaptive intelligence to free up strategic capacity and capability within departments.

“We were the first government department in the UK to implement a fully integrated ERP and HCM Oracle Cloud solution. We selected a platform which was future-proof and had a much more user-friendly interface than our old system. It has proved to be a great success, reducing risk of system failure, boosted our use of mobile technology, and forging the way to replace old legacy interfaces and saving money.” - Paul Layland, Finance Director, Office for National Statistics

Digital Capability in Departments

Digital Capability in Departments

As government departments move towards new technologies their staff need to become more digitally aware and develop cross-profession capability. Oracle is looking to support organisations in articulating their digital journey, part of which is ensuring that departments have the digital skills and capability to innovate and collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Since 2013, civil service leaders have stepped up efforts to professionalise key government activities such as policymaking, financial management, commercial procurement and contract management into new cross-departmental specialisms. By improving talent management, government is accelerating positive changes, achieving some important successes. These include improved design of digital services and better financial management

In conjunction with the Institute for Government, Oracle has sponsored research and events that actively supports organisations to improve and upskill, part of which is ensuring that government departments have the digital skills and capability to innovate and collaborate effectively and efficiently.

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