Oracle Demand Management

Sense, predict, and shape demand to improve your demand forecasting accuracy and inventory strategies. Ensure that the right product is at the right place, at the right time.

Simplify demand planning and dynamically segment demand.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Demand Management

Sense demand to improve visibility

Manage multiple demand signals

Assimilate internal, customer, and marketing signals to create a holistic view of demand.

Dynamically segment demand

Use business rules to assign groups of items and locations to segments that share common demand characteristics.

Analyze demand

Monitor business KPIs to detect changes in market conditions and assess the impact.

Capture business insights

Drive accountability by documenting plan discussions, decisions, and assumptions.

Predict demand to manage variability

Generate accurate forecasts

Improve demand forecasting accuracy by evaluating baseline, trend, seasonality, and causal forecasting components by segment.

Enhance planning with built-in intelligence

Improve plan accuracy with built-in machine learning that evaluates intermittency, collinearity, anomalies, level shifts, price changes, holidays, and events.

Create a robust demand plan

Enhance your baseline plan by adjusting your demand forecast to incorporate business knowledge and address exceptions.

Forecast configure-to-order products

Improve customer service by simulating the impact of changes to model forecasts and calculate attach rates.

Measure and track forecast accuracy

Monitor and diagnose the root causes of demand forecast errors and track improvements by segment.

Intelligently shape demand to achieve business objectives

Forecast new products

Manage new product launches by learning from similar products. Add new channels, customers, and geographies.

Simulate forecast scenarios

Make more informed decisions by simulating and comparing multiple demand forecasting scenarios.

Collaborate to synchronize demand planning

Increase responsiveness and improve availability by collaborating with cross-functional teams on planning demand and supply.

Replenish to meet demand-driven inventory targets

Tailor inventory policy planning to demand segments

Establish inventory policy thresholds for groups of item locations that have similar replenishment requirements.

Calculate demand-driven replenishments

Generate the time-phased replenishment quantities needed to keep supply within inventory thresholds.

Simulate replenishment results

Select and compare the effect of different inventory policy parameters to enhance replenishment planning performance.

Execute the plan

Release replenishment orders for execution based on the latest demand, supply, and policy settings.

Demand Management customer successes

Customers across a wide range of industries use Oracle Cloud Demand Management to improve their demand forecasting process, increase forecast accuracy, and improve customer service.

Bissell cleans up its supply chain with Oracle Cloud apps img

BISSELL cleans up their supply chain with Oracle Cloud apps

Demand management and planning use cases

Anticipate the demand for new products

Improve your forecast accuracy by learning from similar products, reconciling marketing forecasts, and incorporating executive feedback.

Cleveland Golf increases on-time shipments (1:32)

Synchronize demand planning to drive consensus

Collaborate simultaneously on demand and supply plans with cross-functional teams.

LiDestri improves forecasts (1:43)

May 9, 2022

Moving your supply chain planning to the cloud? Consider these 5 key areas

Daniel Bachar, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle

Organizations are taking big steps ahead of their competitors, investing in new supply chain planning solutions to help them improve their operations and processes.

Moving supply chain planning to the cloud is a shift that every organization is either thinking about, or already doing. No matter how synchronized your supply chain planning is on-premises, having your supply chain planning solution in the cloud will provide many new benefits.

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