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Opower energy efficiency products use behavioral science, disaggregation, and AI to help people save energy, engage digitally, adopt home upgrade and demand flexibility programs—and feel satisfied by the experience.

Customers play a critical role in decarbonization.

Opower energy efficiency products

Opower energy efficiency products provide insights and tips that educate customers about actions that help reduce their energy usage so they can save money on energy bills and contribute to community decarbonization initiatives.

Home Energy Reports deliver personalized information

Home Energy Reports provide personalized information about a customer’s energy use, including how it compares with neighbors, money-saving tips, and insights that encourage lower usage.

Digital engagement with customers

Each report is designed to get customers to digitally engage with personalized energy insights and program information that’s relevant to them.

Insights for a wide range of customers

Home Energy Reports contain personalized insights for homeowners and renters, those with and without smart meters, customers with limited incomes or on variable rates, and those with electric vehicles or rooftop solar.

Home energy report

Electric vehicle charging effects

Electric vehicle (EV) insights can be added to Home Energy Reports to provide customers with a detailed look at how their electric vehicle charging affects their energy usage. A simple chart explains the impacts and encourages them to save energy.

Detection and disaggregation explained

The electric vehicle detection and disaggregation explanation feature describes how usage is calculated. The information appears as a distinct feature on the first two reports and thereafter appears as a breakout feature.

Feel good about charging

The electric vehicle “feel good” module is a static message that reminds customers about the positive impact of their electric vehicle use despite higher home energy use.

Neighbor comparison

The neighbor comparison motivates customers to save energy based on how they see themselves in relation to similar neighbors who also own EVs.

EV home energy reports

Solar energy production insights

Solar energy insights can be added to Home Energy Reports to help customers learn how their solar energy production and usage compares to other solar households. The insights help customers learn about their net energy use and provide recommendations for how they could save more energy.

Solar home energy reports

TOU energy insights

The time-of-use (TOU) home energy report informs customers about their electricity usage, focusing on peak periods under their TOU rate plan. It encourages more energy-efficient behaviors and heightened awareness of electricity costs. The report provides comparative insights into electricity usage patterns, especially during peak cost periods.

TOU home energy reports

Energy affordability insights

Reach your most vulnerable customers with personalized Home Energy Reports that offer insights on how they use energy, how they can save money on their bills, and how they can get more information about bill assistance programs.

Limited-income home energy report

Animations inform customers on energy usage

Help your customers better understand their home energy usage with engaging animations that include personalized insights and cost-saving tips. Customers can see their energy usage and learn how to make changes that can help them save energy and money on their bills.

Animations tout new programs and technology

Raise awareness of new customer programs and technologies, such as heat pumps and thermostat devices, with fun and engaging personalized animations that encourage program adoption and better energy-saving habits.

High bill alert communications

Identify customers trending toward bills that are higher than usual. Then automatically send them a message that includes personalized energy efficiency tips and program promotions to help them save energy and money before the next bill arrives—which can help cut the number of calls about high bills to call centers.

Weekly energy updates

Powered by smart-meter data, Opower weekly updates provide energy usage insights, such as day-by-day energy consumption. The communications help customers learn how they use energy in their homes so they don’t need to contact the call center with billing questions.

proactive alerts

Home energy audit

The online home energy audit is an easy and intuitive survey to capture additional information about a customer’s home. Energy usage data and insights captured from the survey are used to show customers a personalized view of how they’ve been using energy in their home. The audit’s intuitiveness and simplicity generate high customer completion rates.

Expanded home energy audit experience

Emailed Home Energy Reports include a feature for the home energy audit that encourages more customer engagement. The feature directs customers to a web page with additional questions about saving energy and targeted offers that create a deeper engagement and personalized experience.

online audits
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Oracle Energy and Water tops Leaderboard across vital customer criteria, including product performance, pricing, technology, partners, and vision.

Opower energy efficiency benefits

  • 01Achieve energy savings targets

    Meet or exceed energy saving targets by delivering a customer experience that helps increase engagement and program enrollment and reduce call volume.

  • 02Increase program adoption

    Deliver personalized insights and next best actions that take each customer on a personalized energy journey designed to increase program adoption.

  • 03Boost customer satisfaction

    Raise customer satisfaction scores with a provider that can deliver reliable and consistent insights, savings, and customer experiences.

  • 04Achieve decarbonization results

    Layering different solutions together can maximize energy savings and encourage customers to take actions that help reach decarbonization targets.

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