PeopleSoft Healthcare Scorecard

Healthcare systems around the world are in crisis. Reduced Medicare reimbursement, aging baby boomers, and increased regulatory requirements are requiring healthcare organizations do more with less. In order to survive, these organizations must identify where their money is being spent and how to balance the quality of care with cost-cutting initiatives. This requires executives and department managers to have visibility into financial, clinical, operational, and qualitative information that can be used to make the most effective decisions.

Oracle's PeopleSoft Healthcare Scorecard provides managers with the information they need to spot trends, forecast future performance, estimate whether they are on target to achieve organizational goals, and address situations before they impact the bottom line. With real-time consolidated information delivered directly to their desktops, managers no longer need to search dozens of reports in order to answer key questions such as: Are staffing numbers appropriate relative to the daily census levels? What is the average length of patient stays? What percentage of inpatient revenue is capitated vs. self-pay? Are supply costs higher than the expected threshold?


Healthcare Metrics and KPIs

  • PeopleSoft PeopleSoft Healthcare Scorecard includes more than 120 industry-specific metrics and KPIs that deliver the information needed to improve the entire decision-making process within a healthcare organization. If additional KPIs are needed, PeopleSoft Healthcare Scorecard can be used with other scorecard products, such as Oracle's PeopleSoft Workforce Scorecard that provides additional HR metrics like benefits compensation ratio, or Oracle's PeopleSoft Supplier Rating System that includes metrics to help manage suppliers more effectively.

Continuous Performance Measurement

  • Provide quick and simplified views of your organization's strategic objectives and associated measures, including history, trends, targets, assessment rules, cause-and-effect relationships, free-form comments, and several other analytical and graphical viewing options.
  • Improve your time-to-value by leveraging a comprehensive set of predefined, industry-specific KPIs based on data from Oracle's PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse and other data sources.
  • Identify problem areas with automatic notifications that trigger when actual results move out of defined tolerance ranges for selected KPIs.
  • Easily navigate between PeopleSoft Healthcare Scorecard and Oracle's PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse for detailed analysis.

Enterprisewide Performance Measurement

  • Distribute individual scorecards to everyone in the enterprise, so that all the users in the organization can see how they are personally contributing to the overall success of the company
  • Clearly articulate and communicate strategic objectives with strategy maps.
  • Drive accountability through your organization using hierarchical KPIs and user-defined targets to cascade and communicate objectives.
  • Ensure a consistent view of performance measures by leveraging and sharing the rich content of the PeopleSoft Performance Management Warehouse.

Personalized Performance Measurement

  • Enable non-technical users to create a dashboard of metrics that matter to them by using a simple, three-step wizard.
  • Share dashlets with other users through the PeopleSoft portal, or with any other Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)-compliant portal vendor.