PeopleSoft Billing

Oracle's PeopleSoft Billing is a complete billing system that reflects the way you do business. Streamline the billing process and create individualized billing to optimize collections. PeopleSoft Billing delivers the functionality and flexibility to manage billing activities that meet business needs. With PeopleSoft Billing, organizations can leverage the online architecture to mold the system into a state-of-the-art solution for their most complex billing requirements.

PeopleSoft Billing is integral to PeopleSoft's credit to cash solution and part Oracle's PeopleSoft Financial Management family of applications.


Streamline Invoice Creation

  • Speed bill creation through both automated and online bill entry
  • Speed manual bill through configurable data defaults
  • Efficiently manage billing errors through full or partial credit and reinvoice bills
  • Streamline accounting for revenue
  • recognition through various revenue recognition methods
  • Improve system security by integrating with third party credit card vendors for credit card authorizations

Create Customer Specific Billing

  • Leverage flexible system design to create invoices that reflect business requirements such as installment and recurring billing
  • Provide your customers flexibility by define billing cycles and schedules specific to individual customers
  • Meet customer-specific invoicing requirements such as federal formats, consolidated bill formats, pro-forma, on-demand bills by modifying delivered invoice examples
  • Simplify bill delivery through self-service, email, EDI media options
  • Enhance bill presentment by configuring billing summarization templates

Comprehensive Bill Management

  • Create a single, end-to-end system for managing the billing by integrating with other PeopleSoft credit to cash business process applications
  • Support global customers through multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Support government, services, higher education, and healthcare specific industry requirements