PeopleSoft Integration Broker

Oracle's Integration Broker is a leading integration gateway that serves PeopleSoft Applications. Integration Broker is ideal for PeopleSoft customers that want to share information between PeopleSoft Applications or connect to PeopleSoft Applications using standards based integration technology including JMS or Web Services.

PeopleSoft Integration Broker is delivered as part of PeopleTools and is available to all PeopleSoft Applications.


  • Standards based integration including SOAP and RESTFul web services, JMS asynchronous services, SMTP, (S)FTP and more
  • Technology Adapters and Adapter Toolkit let's you build your own connector to integrate PeopleSoft applications with any technology or custom application
  • Enterprise class performance and scalability
  • Integration network helps you easily manage your integrations between PeopleSoft Applications
  • Server based message queues to support Asynchronous publish and subscribe messaging