Oracle PeopleTools supports and certifies a wide variety of market-leading components such as operating systems, databases, application servers, web servers, and browsers, which allow customers to implement PeopleSoft on the infrastructure that best suits them.

Oracle adopts new versions of components with new versions of PeopleTools, and strives to back port certification to other currently supported PeopleTools releases that are eligible for patches and new certifications whenever possible. Customers can ensure that their infrastructure environments maintain full support and patch eligibility should an issue be encountered by keeping their PeopleSoft environment current, especially PeopleTools.


Exadata is an engineered system including both hardware and software, designed and optimized to work together to deliver extreme database performance. Exadata is used to power the PeopleSoft database and drive excellent batch performance in PeopleSoft environments. As your company expands within existing or new geographies, your PeopleSoft Payroll application may need to process more employee paychecks. Your batch windows may need to shrink if you're expanding longitudinally into new time zones. Exadata can handle the additional load, as well as the ever shrinking batch window.

When the super fast Exadata database server is partnered with Exalogic, the ultimate performance experience is achieved. Exalogic powers the middle tiers of PeopleSoft, including the business logic. Exalogic uses software that's been specifically engineered to take advantage of the hardware, thus benefitting PeopleSoft applications. Web Logic, Java, and Tuxedo have all been uniquely enhanced on Exalogic, and are all used by PeopleSoft applications. A number of low-level improvements such as more efficient inter-process communication, improved parallel thread handling, redesigned I/o, better object management, and automatic thread tuning all contribute to better performance. Add InfiniBand with its blazing 40Gb/sec throughput used in Exadata, Exalogic, and the communication between the two, and you will attain superior PeopleSoft performance on Oracle's Engineered Systems.