PeopleSoft Reporting and Analytics

PeopleSoft has always offered powerful and versatile reporting capabilities with several options. Contemporary reporting is changing, however. PeopleSoft now provides reporting and analytic options that make reporting a strategic part of enterprise business processes. In fact, now reporting can be embedded directly into business process flows as an integral part of the user interface. With this cutting edge approach, users generate reports in context, within transactions, where the data can be used for better decision support and the data is fresh and secure.

Chief among these exciting PeopleSoft reporting capabilities are Simplified Analytics. Simplified analytics are new reporting features that are easy to use and that put power in the hands of end users and business experts. Functional users don’t have to rely on technical professionals to generate the reports they need. With these tools, data can be sliced and diced as required, as well visualized in different ways to gain greater understanding of the information presented.

Of course enterprises will still need conventional reports for activities such as Period Close and other regulatory reporting. In those cases, customers can employ the powerful, integrated BI Publisher. In addition, PeopleSoft continues to support PS Query, nVision, and SQR. Process Scheduler is available for scheduling and distributing reports.


  • Analytics are generated in context of business processes where the information is needed for decision support.
  • Data is fresh and secure, not external to PeopleSoft where it may become stale and not secure.
  • Analytics can be created by end users when they need it, without the need of tech support intervention.
  • Analytics can be pushed out to user communities by role.
  • Analytics can be saved as a tile on a user’s dashboard for frequent use or easy access.
  • Charting and visualizations improve productivity. Varied visualizations are possible.
  • Users can take action on data directly from analytics and reports using related actions.
  • A variety of powerful Reporting tools remain available: BI Publisher, nVision, and SQR.



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