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Oracle Customer Success—Saigon Commercial Bank

Saigon Commercial Bank

Saigon Commercial Bank Improves Service Quality with Oracle Engineered Systems


By replacing IBM servers with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we gained the ability to process batches 70% faster, create reports 10x faster, and enhanced user and customer experience. Using real-time backup with Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance also minimized data-loss exposure.

— Le Minh Huan, CIO, Saigon Commercial Bank

Saigon Commercial Bank Processes Batches 70% Faster, Enables Real-Time Backup, Meets Banking Requirements, and Enhances Customer Experience

Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB) is one of the top five leading joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam. Its range of services includes personal and corporate banking, cards services, eBanking, and ATMs.

SCB faced significant performance issues with business-critical applications, including Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking and its data warehouse, causing delays in processing daily batches and customer transactions. To meet service level agreements (SLAs) and comply with State Bank availability requirements, SCB needed to improve system performance and centralize its database backup strategy to safeguard business data and boost customer satisfaction.

Business Challenge
  • Boost customer satisfaction by ensuring high availability and performance for core banking applications and minimizing delays to process end-of-day batches, such as account balancing and interest calculation
  • Improve data warehouse query performance and enable business users and management team to generate faster daily business reports, such as deposit statements and general ledgers
  • Meet SLAs and State Bank compliance requirements by improving the speed to backup and restore databases to enable rapid disaster recovery
  • Simplify system administration and reduce IT costs by replacing multiple legacy IBM servers and HP storage racks with a single engineered system
  • Met SLAs by migrating the database for Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking to Oracle Exadata Database Machine, enabling the bank to process end-of-day batches 70% faster—just 1.5 hours instead of 5 hours—and commence the next day’s business at 7:00a.m.
  • Improved business user experience by running Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Exadata and enabling users to run data warehouse queries any time, rather than outside office hours, and create reports—including daily branch balance sheets and operational reports—10x faster on average
  • Performed daily database backup faster and eliminated data-loss exposure by using Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance to perform incremental backups for 3 databases instead of taking 5 hours as with the previous system to conduct full backups for each database
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by improving online transaction processing performance of Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking and allowing branch staff to provide faster and better customer services, such as cash withdrawals or funds transfers, thanks to Oracle Exadata’s InfiniBand technology
  • Reduced IT operating costs by replacing multiple IBM servers and HP storage racks with two Oracle Exadata and cutting data center floor space requirements and power consumption
  • Ensured high availability and data security and met State Bank requirements by enabling rapid failover between separate instances of Oracle Exadata at its data center and data recovery sites and using Oracle’s StorageTek SL150 modular tape library to backup data from Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
  • Enabled continuous banking operations by automating database backup with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance instead of scheduling a daily backup window and enabling real-time database backup with minimal impact on business applications
  • Minimized downtime during the data migration by using Oracle GoldenGate 12c to ensure seamless data synchronization between the source system and the target system with cross platform—from IBM AIX to Oracle Linux
  • Simplified IT management by monitoring all system components, including database servers, storage, operating system and networking, via a single interface with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c


We chose Oracle solutions because Oracle software simply runs best on Oracle hardware—with Oracle Exadata Database Machine outperforming IBM during the proof of concept for our existing data warehouse. Working with a single vendor and good after-sales support also contributed to the decision.

— Le Minh Huan, CIO, Saigon Commercial Bank


With assistance from Oracle, SCB upgraded the database for its data warehouse to Oracle Database 12c and installed Oracle Exadata at the data center and the recovery site for its new data center project. The bank also engaged Oracle Advanced Customer Support to deploy Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance and StorageTek SL150. Finally, SCB also used Oracle GoldenGate 12c to ensure seamless data migration to the new platform. It completed the implementation in only two months.

“Oracle’s full-stack solutions offer complete flexibility for banking service development and simplify data center management with single point of contact,” Le said.

About Saigon Commercial Bank


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Established in 2012 after the amalgamation of three banks, including Saigon Joint Stock Commercial Bank, First Joint Stock Commercial Bank, and VietNam Tin Nghia Commercial Joint Stock Bank, SCB is a leading commercial bank in Vietnam that offers almost all finance-related services, such as deposit, payment, foreign exchange, and loans products, via 230 nationwide branches.


SCB engaged Oracle Partner, Dinosys Corporation, to assist in the implementation of its new data center project. Dinosys acted as solution architect, responsible for the planning, design, and configuration of a secure, robust IT infrastructure.

“Dinosys provided an efficient and completely professional service across the entire span of our data center project, from planning to production, maximizing the value of Oracle solutions,” Le said.

Published:  Nov 22, 2016