Cloud isn’t the future for HR: It’s table stakes today. HR is evolving, and technology advances made possible by cloud computing are driving that evolution. Once relegated to focusing on back-office administrative and compliance functions, senior HR executives and chief HR officers are now expected to contribute to their companies’ overall business strategies, demonstrating a return on investment. They’re also expected to create and expand digital, future-ready workforces and businesses, and to become in-house consultants for talent, employee experience, and workplace culture. Each of these areas requires a level of real-time connectivity, communication, collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and agility through technologies provided by the cloud.

Key points covered in this ebook include:

Cloud technology is enabling more HR tools and providing CHROs with greater opportunities to work strategically.

Technology is helping HR to evolve into a more people-focused function.

A plethora of new HR tools is generating data for analytics that inform critical business decisions.

Companies will be able to shift workforce resources and create efficiencies more quickly than ever.

Employee experience and engagement tools will be critical for companies to succeed.