Help Content

The Help Content patternprovides a user an introduction on how to use an app, which can make them feel more comfortable interacting with it for the first time. Help is not a reflection of a poorly designed interface.  Designers usually aim to make application interfaces intuitive and easy to use without relying on help or a manual to guide the user through how to use the app.  However, there are times when an interface is most effective and efficient to use once some initial behaviors are learned.  A single pattern for user help is not enough. Many successful apps use a combination of invitations and help patterns to aid users in uncovering features and getting the most from the tool. The best help option varies depending on the application and the audience, so make sure to test a variety of help patterns. 

 There are seven common examples of help patterns to keep a user on track: 


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Fig 1. Help Content



Fig 2. More Help Content