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Never settle for an innovation tool or process that only collects ideas.

The Essentials of Innovation Management
Essentials of Innovation Management

Learn how to structure innovation processes to speed time to market and increase ROI.

Product Innovation in Action
How Modern Business Innovates

Power your innovation pipeline with the best offerings for your customers and right opportunities for your business.

Fire Up Your Innovation Ecosystem
Modernize Your Requirements Management Process

Discover how Oracle delivers simplified requirements management for any industry and role

What Is Innovation Management?

Today's leaders need more than crowdsourced ideas to innovate in the digital era. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud helps you systematize the selection and translation of the best ideas and inventions into profitable offerings for customers. It’s a uniquely results-oriented approach to innovation that rapidly identifies high-value opportunities and drives them forward to help you speed time to market, achieve more predictable results, and generate more revenue.

Oracle Innovation Management Cloud
The only application of its kind, Oracle Innovation Management Cloud is a modern solution specifically designed to accelerate idea evaluation, selection, and execution. It provides a highly collaborative innovation platform with embedded analytics to align your organization and speed the decision process. You gain a single source of truth for innovation projects, early visibility into idea success or failure, the ability to pivot from failing projects to higher value opportunities, and deep insight to optimize Your innovation portfolio.

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    A corporate portal provides open APIs to incorporate web-based access for idea collection.

  • Innovation Management Screen shot 2

    Social collaboration helps you select the best opportunities by capturing and vetting crowdsourced ideas, campaigns or challenges with a select group of participants, or your entire innovation ecosystem.

  • Innovation Management Screen shot 3

    Even while on the go, easily capture ideas, evaluate proposals, and keep track of your innovation portfolio on your mobile device.

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    Filtered, drillable charts and tags deliver actionable insight to analyze ideation data in an organized, meaningful way. Make investment decisions faster, identify, and reward your top contributors, and find promising ideas at a glance.

Increase your return on innovation and speed time to market with Oracle Innovation Management Cloud. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Gain Performance Insight
    Gain early visibility into which projects will have the best likelihood of success and vet out those that do not. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud helps you bring about a high-value, low-risk, best-practice approach to quickly improve innovation performance and impact top-line revenue growth.
  • Prioritize IT Projects
    Your IT organization needs to lead innovation through technology. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud for IT delivers new transparency with the business, enabling IT to collaboratively select and deliver the highest value IT projects. With a central repository for IT requests and ideas, social collaboration tools, and powerful analytics, IT can deliver more—and respond faster.
  • Monetize Open Innovation Initiatives
    Accelerate idea throughput with social collaboration tools and powerful analytics to vet any idea in your pipeline—including the multitude generated by open innovation initiatives, such as idea crowdsourcing, design thinking, hackathons, and contests. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud provides a standardized approach to manage the diversity of campaign outputs so you can objectively compare ideas, select the best ones, and promote the winning ideas to development projects and ultimately more profitable offerings for customers.
  • Manage Requirements
    Ensure that final products meet all requirements, every time. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud improves innovation performance and customer satisfaction by empowering you with cloud-based, easy-to-use tools and analytics to define, manage, and optimize requirements with full traceability.
  • Connect Your Innovation Ecosystem
    Empower your workforce to collaborate and contribute equally to innovation by offering a clear process and easy-to-use tools that are highly visual, mobile, and socially collaborative—the way tech-savvy innovators prefer to work. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud provides a flexible structure for you to address a variety of enterprise-wide innovation programs or department initiatives, so you can target knowledge-sharing, reward top contributors, and grow your innovation ecosystem.
  • Optimize Your Innovation Portfolio
    Innovate strategically by establishing a systematic approach to manage innovation investments. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud offers you an innovation platform to optimize your product and service portfolio by balancing sustainable, iterative innovations with bolder, more experimental offerings. Standardize the proposal process and collaborate securely with team members. Model what-if scenarios, analyze each potential innovation investment, and select your optimal go-to-market portfolio.
  • Accelerate Innovation Execution
    Many organizations use disconnected systems to manage innovation activities, saddling project stakeholders with manual processes that are error-prone and difficult to scale. Once you tie innovation activities to project management activities via the cloud, your systems will be connected, your workers will share a single source of accurate information, and you will be able to manage all your projects in an integrated way. Oracle Innovation Management Cloud provides an innovation platform to seamlessly integrate innovation with cloud-based execution, development, and commercialization processes to rapidly scale and deliver on the best ideas.


Explore the resources on this page to learn how easy it is to get started with Oracle Innovation Management Cloud.

“It's important to empower employees with the right digital tools.”

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Deliver and measure sustainable innovation with Oracle Innovation Management Cloud


“The exciting thing is that it supports not just traditional business needs, but also IT and other departments.”


“The biggest challenge for companies is not collecting ideas, but the process of bringing ideas to market quickly, and in a scalable way.”

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Empowering Innovation Leaders

Discover how to structure your innovation programs for higher results and performance.

Moose Toys
Moose Toys—Innovation, Design and Quality
At Moose Toys, we are committed to making children happy and pride ourselves in innovation, design and quality. We source ideas from around the world, so we chose Oracle Innovation Management Cloud to help us gather, evaluate, select and develop the best ideas as quickly and effectively as possible. It will complement our other Oracle systems, and importantly allow us to streamline more efficient processes from ideation all the way through to supply chain.
—Ben Dart, Chief Operating Officer, Moose Toys
Moose Toys
NBTY—Culture of Innovation
Our industry is one where innovation is extremely critical to maintain the freshness of our brands in the consumers' eyes. So for us, becoming more intentional in addressing consumer wellness with better, more scientifically-driven products is obviously a very important priority.
—Andrea Simone, Chief Business Transformation Officer, NBTY

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