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Business Analytics Products from Oracle

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Improve business performance with a broad set of capabilities for visual analysis, discovery, advanced analytics, reporting, and forecasting.

Data Visualization

Making sense of your data shouldn't be tough. Find out how easy it is to be an expert with Oracle Data Visualization.


Gain instant access to data-driven, visually stunning insights on smartphones and tablets without compromising data integrity or security.

Oracle's Analytics Investment Plan

Planning your analytics journey just got easier. Get an end-to-end view of Oracle's product strategy and innovation plans for analytics. Hear from customers, explore our strategy, and see what's planned on our analytics roadmap.

Tutorials and Extensions

The Analytics Library


Learn how to create your first data visualizations by checking out these examples.


Discover how to create more advanced data visualizations by following along with these step-by-step guides and videos.


Dig deeper into the data. Create customized and advanced visualizations with a variety of extensions.

On-Premises Products

Discover the Power of Analytics

Capture, analyze, interpret, visualize—these are just a few of the steps to get started on your analytics journey. Understand what is happening in your business quickly and easily so that you can predict and prepare for what happens next.