Oracle Multimedia

Oracle Multimedia is a feature that enables Oracle Database to store, manage, and retrieve multimedia data in an integrated manner with other enterprise information. With support for images, medical images, audio, and video data, it provides a high performance, highly available, robust, scalable, and secure platform for a wide range of multimedia intensive applications. These include medical image management in healthcare and life sciences; multimedia asset management for museums, corporations, and the public sector; check image management at financial institutions; asset management for web publishing, video security, and many more.

Oracle Multimedia includes comprehensive support for the Digital Image and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard, widely adopted for medical images, videos, and structured reports. More DICOM support information...

New in Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Multimedia extends its DICOM support to include the DICOM protocol adapter. The protocol adapter is deployed in Oracle WebLogic Server and can store, retrieve, and query DICOM images in either Oracle Database or Oracle WebCenter Content.

Oracle Multimedia Features

  • High-performance storage and retrieval using Oracle SecureFiles
  • Secure, scalable information management
  • Support for the most popular multimedia formats with built-in metadata extraction and basic image processing
  • Programmer APIs and PL/SQL procedures and functions to simplify application development
  • Comprehensive support for DICOM enabling healthcare applications to quickly and easily include medical images

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