Product Tour—Oracle Grow

Oracle Grow

In a world of constant change, your employees’ growth is critical to your business’s success. Oracle Grow, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM and the Oracle ME employee experience platform, makes growth easy by unifying learning, skills development, and career mobility in one place to drive individual and business success.

Learn what matters to you in the ways you want

Determine how you want to develop—whether it be choosing specific skills to acquire, following learning topics, and identifying careers of interest.

Acquire the right skills

Discover recommended skills, based on your role and career interests, that help you adapt to change and take you to the next level

Access one home for all learning resources

Identify topics that align to your personal and professional goals. Explore and complete learning resources that include external content.

Gain transparency into all the opportunities that exist

Visualize the different career paths available to you in the organization and review recommended roles to uncover new growth possibilities that you may not have considered. Better qualify for specific careers of interest by acquiring skills you need to level up and following career-based development journeys.

Build your portfolio of experiences

Find and complete gigs that help you gain the expertise you need to better qualify for your career aspirations.

Adapt to changes in your role and the business

Get ahead of change by acting on personalized development opportunities that evolve as you do. Curate your own goal-based learning playlists with a variety of resources including coaches, classes, gigs, and more.

Level up and grow your career

Accelerate your career growth by acquiring the right skills and experiences through AI recommended development opportunities based on your career aspirations.

Empower managers to drive ongoing skill development

Help your workforce develop the right skills by empowering managers to personalize skill requirements for individuals, their team, and their department.