Safeguarding your Oracle DB data just got a whole lot easier

Continuous security risk monitoring and assessment is now possible with Data Safe.
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Safeguarding your Oracle DB
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Putting Data Security and Protection First

Your data and infrastructure are exposed to many threats. Learn more about Oracle's security solutions to keep your data safe and your infrastructure protected. Find the right solution for your needs.

ebook: Cloud Threat Report 2020 (PDF)

Check out Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020 to identify the top risks and challenges organizations are facing.

ebook: Demystifying the Cloud Shared Responsibility Security Model (PDF)

The widespread adoption of cloud services is making organizations more agile. Understanding the shared responsibility model (SRM) associated with the consumption of cloud services is critical to achieving this important digital transformation.

ebook: Addressing Cyber Risk and Fraud in the Cloud (PDF)

Discover the hidden dangers that lurk behind trusted systems and services we rely upon each and every day to service our internal business needs and customers, often without awareness of the numerous ways attackers are taking advantage to exploit these trusted environments.

Oracle Security

Database security

Database security

Reduce the risk of a data breach and simplify compliance with database security solutions for encryption, key management, data masking, privileged user access controls, activity monitoring, and auditing.


  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall
  • Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting
  • Oracle Data Safe
  • Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool
  • Oracle Database Vault
  • Oracle Key Vault
  • Oracle Label Security
Oracle Identity and Access Management

Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Oracle identity and access management solutions secure access to enterprise applications for both cloud and on-premises deployments.


  • Identity Cloud Service
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management
  • Identity Governance
  • Access Management
  • Directory Services
Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)

Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)is a cloud-native service providing holistic coverage of Identity and Access use-cases for employees, partners, and consumers enabling management of access and entitlements across a wide range of cloud and on-premises applications.

Oracle Identity Governance

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG)

Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) automatically manages users’ access privileges within enterprise IT resources.

Oracle Access Management

Oracle Access Management (OAM)

Oracle Access Management (OAM) helps organizations manage access to their enterprise innovative new services that complement traditional access management capabilities.

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Why cybersecurity startups build with Oracle

Cybersecurity can seem like a game of whack-a-mole. You get rid of one problem, and up pops another.

McAfee and CSIS estimate global losses from cybercrime now total over $1 trillion, a more than 50% increase from 2018. In 2019, two-thirds of surveyed companies reported some cyber incident.

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