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Highly secure. Highly reliable.

Oracle Autonomous Linux, along with the new Oracle OS Management Service, is the first and only autonomous operating environment that helps greatly reduce complexity and human error to deliver increased cost savings, security, and availability for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers, all while providing full compatibility with IBM Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

What is Oracle Autonomous Linux?

Oracle Autonomous Linux executes automatic patch updates and tuning—without human interaction—improving IT staff productivity, security, and availability. Combined with native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services such as Oracle OS Management Service, it offers even more automation such as autoscaling, lifecycle management across pools, and monitoring. It is available with Oracle Linux Premier Support at no cost to Oracle Cloud customers. Oracle Autonomous Linux is based on Oracle Linux, which is binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, allowing IBM Red Hat customers to immediately start using the service with current applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Keeping operating systems patched and secure is one of the biggest operational challenges that IT organizations can face. With Oracle Autonomous Linux in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can minimize availability and security risks from missed or incorrectly applied patches. With Oracle Ksplice enabled by default, you can reduce unnecessary downtime when applying kernel patches to your systems. When deployed with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services such as Oracle OS Management Service, the automation and TCO benefits get even better with automatic provisioning, scaling, and tuning. Combined with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s other cost advantages, all of this means that most Oracle Linux workload customers can expect to have a 30 to 50 percent TCO savings over five years versus both on premise and other cloud vendors.

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Cost effective, compatible, and complete

  • 30 to 50% TCO savings versus both on premise and non-Oracle cloud vendors
  • Integrated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure notification service, monitoring service, and compute metrics
  • Binary compatibility with IBM Red Hat Enterprise Linux for application compatibility

Highly secure. Highly reliable.

  • Enhanced OS parameter tuning with embedded profiles
  • Full testing and support by Oracle to validate that updates don’t break application compatibility
  • Prompt protection from zero-day vulnerabilities with no downtime

Highly available and scalable

  • Avoid unnecessary downtime by using Oracle Ksplice to apply kernel patches without rebooting your instance
  • Automatically adjust the number of compute instances with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute autoscaling

Manageability and automation

  • Seamlessly leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure native services to simplify the management of your instances and meet IT compliance and security
  • Reduce the number of system administrator tasks
  • Help prevent cyberattacks and system failures from missed or incorrectly applied patches


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