Document Understanding Features

Secure and accessible

Purpose-built for security and privacy

OCI Document Understanding upholds customer privacy with models that don’t store any data for training, debugging, or other purposes.

Easy to deploy

OCI Document Understanding is a versatile service that can be called via REST APIs, multiple SDKs (including Python and Java), or the OCI command line. Developers can easily deploy a scalable document service without having expertise in data science or machine learning.

Application-ready AI models

Extract text from scanned documents, mobile uploads, PDFs, and more

OCI Document Understanding console

OCI Document Understanding automatically extracts text from a variety of document files, including documents that are rotated, tilted, or shaded, to support quality issues often found in expense processing and customer onboarding.

Extract tables and key fields from documents

Automatically identify and extract table structure from documents, including the row and column relationships within your table. For expense and identity documents, OCI Document Understanding can identify key-value pairs, such as merchant name, total, and tax.

Categorize documents

Identify and classify documents into common categories, such as invoice, receipt, and résumé. Common applications include expense processing and enhanced search and retrieval of documents.