AI Solution

Automatically Identify Damaged Packages Using Oracle AI Services


Supervised machine learning for image classification has wide-ranging applications across industries. In this example, we have a logistics platform that can automatically identify damaged packages.

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Vision and other AI services, including Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Autonomous Database, OCI Data Integration, and Oracle Analytics Cloud, custom models are trained and images stored in OCI Object Storage. With the trained models, Digital Assistant showcases classification results, while OCI Generative AI enriches interactions.

Analytics Cloud interacts directly with the custom models and Oracle Autonomous Database for classification, storing results in the database.

Digital Assistant integrates with collaborative platforms, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, for user interaction.


Demo: Automatically Identify Damaged Packages Using Oracle AI Services (2:25)

Prerequisites and setup

  1. Oracle Cloud account—sign-up page
  2. OCI SDK and command-line interface—configuration
  3. OCI Vision—documentation
  4. Oracle Digital Assistant—documentation
  5. Oracle Analytics Cloud—documentation
  6. OCI Data Integration—documentation
  7. OCI Generative AI—documentation
  8. OCI Generative AI—Python SDK
  9. Oracle Autonomous Database—documentation