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Oracle SPARC T8 Servers


Modern Infrastructure with a Path to the Cloud

Whether you want to upgrade your on-premises infrastructure or embrace new cloud services, Oracle SPARC servers let you keep your options open. You’ll experience greater performance, tighter security that is easy to use, and reduced management costs, even as you evolve to a modern IT environment that paves the way to the cloud.

SPARC T8 Servers

Oracle SPARC T8 Servers

Under the Hood

  • Product Overview
  • Technical Specifications
Coengineered with Software for Extreme Value
  • Standardize on a modern, cloud-ready platform that can seamlessly scale from one to thousands of cores
  • Experience the highest performance on Oracle Database and Java, middleware, and enterprise applications through coengineered hardware and software
  • Improve performance of Oracle Database 12c In-Memory analytical queries with Software in Silicon technology
  • Deploy end-to-end encryption and unique hardware-based protection to prevent malicious attacks on application data
  • Use less hardware and increase productivity, reaching better efficiency at a lower cost
  • Based on the advanced SPARC M8 processor
  • Built-in, no-cost virtualization technology
  • Unique security and easy manageability with Oracle Solaris 11
  • Up to 2x faster performance than competitor systems for Java software, databases, and enterprise applications
  • Scale from one to four SPARC M8 processors, or 32 to 128 cores
  • Up to 1 TB of memory per processor
  • Up to 102 TB of flash storage utilizing industry-standard NVMe technology
  • Second-generation Software in Silicon features, such as Data Analytics Accelerators, Silicon Secured Memory, and near-zero overhead encryption
  • Runs Oracle Solaris 11, with guaranteed binary compatibility and support for legacy applications that run under Oracle Solaris 10, 9, and 8
  • Based on SPARC M8: today's fastest, most advanced microprocessor
  • Codesigned with Oracle Database and Java
  • Engineered for enterprise deployments with high reliability and availability
View Oracle SPARC T8 Server Features


Execute OLTP transactions and data analytics simultaneously using SPARC M8 in-memory technology


Extreme Acceleration

Accelerate Oracle Database In-Memory queries, especially for compressed databases, with data analytics accelerators


Data Protection

End-to-end encryption of data at rest or in motion with near-zero performance impact


Built-in Security

Prevent malicious memory attacks with Oracle's unique Silicon Secured Memory feature in SPARC processors


Lower Costs

Optimized to help you get the most out of your investments in Oracle Database, Java, and enterprise applications


Powerful Simplicity

Single-step patching, immutable virtual machines, easy security updates, and comprehensive compliance reporting with Oracle Solaris 11

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Oracle SPARC T8-1 Server

  • Efficient and Secure Single-Socket Server for Enterprise Computing

    Outperforms dual- and quad-processor alternatives.


Oracle SPARC T8-2 Server

  • Advanced Two-Socket Server for Efficient Deployments

    Requires less hardware for increased productivity, offering greater value and efficiency at a lower cost than larger systems.


Oracle SPARC T8-4 Server

  • Secure, Fast, Four-Socket Server Built for Demanding Enterprise Requirements

    Ideal for consolidating workloads and simplifying IT infrastructure to maximize efficiency, manageability, and agility

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Transform IT Operations with the Oracle SPARC Platform.

Our secure private cloud is based on an end-to-end Oracle stack . . . We reduced response times by 50 percent on the new platform.

—Greg Stone, Partner, IS Nordic

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