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Oracle Fusion Analytics for HCM

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics is a prebuilt cloud native solution for Oracle Cloud HCM that provides human resource professionals with ready-to-use workforce insights to improve their decisions related to workforce diversity, employee attrition and retention, talent acquisition, compensation, and more. Oracle’s unique breadth and depth of combined analytics and application capabilities enable organizations to unify human resource analytics across different departments. Plus, HR teams can enrich their analytics beyond what Oracle Cloud HCM provides with additional data sources by extending the single, cross-functional data model and pipelines, and end user metrics without coding.

Guide your people strategy with Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics.

Why choose Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics

Prebuilt analytics for Oracle Cloud HCM

See a comprehensive view of the workforce

Get insights into employee headcount, hires, and transfers

Analyze headcount across multiple dimensions, such as job family, length of tenure, and top talent. Monitor headcount trends year over year by various categories, including age band and geography.

In-depth analysis of team effectiveness

Quickly perform organizational health checks by examining key workforce management metrics, such as span of control, gender ratio, compa ratio, employee retention, promotions, and average years of service.

Understand changing workforce dynamics

Foster workforce mobility and reduce attrition by analyzing internal transfers, reorganizations, and terminations over time. Understand the root cause of headcount gains and losses.

Understand the impact of unplanned absences

Identify frequency and type of absences to minimize negative effects on teams’ productivity. Examine absence data by different dimensions, such as performance rating, location, trends, and more.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Headcount, FTE, hires
  • Promotions rate
  • Headcount movement
  • Gain hire, transfer, promotion
  • Loss termination, reorganization
  • Assignment gain, hire
  • Span of control
  • Compa ratio

Enable a 360-degree view into the hiring process

Measure and track every stage of recruitment

Better understand candidate pipeline performance with access to automatically updated recruiting metrics, such as number of open job requisitions, volume of applications by business unit and geography, offers accepted and declined, and positions filled.

Improve recruiting performance

Increase recruiting operations efficiency across the entire organization with prebuilt KPIs, such as time-to-hire, fill rate, and time-to-fill across business units, departments, and managers.

Identify high performers early on

Capture the profiles of candidates most likely to become high-performing and longer tenured employees.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Hires (referral, internal, etc.)
  • Talent yield
  • Drop-off rate
  • Offer acceptance rate
  • Hires to goal
  • Time to hire
  • Average time-to-fill
  • Requisition fill rate

Visually correlate talent to roles

Understand your organization’s skills matrix

Identify organizational strengths and weaknesses and identify potential skill gaps. Analyze job requirements based on workers' competencies, degrees, licenses, certifications, memberships, and awards.

Match model profile requirements

Easily find internal talent with the correct skills or certifications. Assess workers' performance to determine skill set match to specific jobs or positions.

Analyze risk and impact of loss of top talent

Examine all talent review meetings within the organization, including information on top performers as assessed by management.

Create more effective succession plans

Assess the ratio of candidates to succession plans, individual candidates’ readiness to move to the next level, and the qualifications of candidates under consideration.

Improve diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives

Track diversity indicators against organizational goals

Measure goals and analyze various dimensions of diversity, including employee gender, pay grade, ethnicity, tenure band, age band, and country of employment.

Understand diversity’s impact on satisfaction and performance

Study how diversity impacts employee performance by using trend analysis to measure productivity against D&I initiatives.

Analyze diversity demographics and trends

Ensure hiring and compensation equity by comparing demographic data, such as gender, veteran status, and other factors, when reviewing applications and offers. Spot biases by analyzing absence approvals and rejections by gender, ethnicity, tenure band, age band, and religion.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Female gender ratio
  • Average worker age
  • Average tenure
  • Manager gender ratio
  • Distinct worker nationalities
  • Distinct worker ethnicities
  • Percentage of workers hired above 60 years of age
  • Applications and offer diversity

Understand changing workforce dynamics

Monitor internal mobility by HR activities

Track who is moving by promotion, transfer, or grade change within your organization. Reduce attrition by examining internal transfers, reorganizations, and terminations over time.

Visualize and discover new career paths

Track internal and external mobility trends and turnover. Analyze career path trends for jobs, grades, and positions to create new opportunities and reduce attrition.

Understand drivers of turnover and retention

Increase retention of top performers

Understand the factors that influence retention and affect voluntary attrition of high performers. Identify potential flight risks by analyzing performance and career growth potential against compensation and employee engagement level.

Gain comprehensive insight into turnover

Assess the factors that contribute to employee turnover, such as compensation, performance, geography, demographics, and tenure. Develop strategies to retain employees by monitoring prebuilt KPIs for different workforce segments, such as new hires or top talent.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Terminations by voluntary, new hire, top talent
  • Turnover involuntary, new hire, high performer
  • Turnover by top talent compa ratio
  • Retention by FTE, new hire, top talent

Track performance, engagement, and goal attainment across the organization

Discover key patterns of top performers

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics enables organizations to identify and retain top performers by understanding what motivates them. Also analyze performance by individual, team, or organization to uncover which employees may be a potential flight risk.

Measure alignment of performance with business goals

Track goal attainment to understand how well departments, business units, and regions have aligned performance goals with business goals.

Analyze employee engagement

Examine managerial engagement relationship to employee performance. Track check-ins between managers and employees to ensure on-time employee performance appraisals, monitor progress, and improve intradepartmental communications.

Sample prebuilt KPIs/metrics
  • Overall worker rating
  • High performers
  • High potential employees
  • Manager section rating
  • Incomplete performance appraisals
  • Performance rating distribution
  • Delayed performance tasks

Reward top talent and reduce attrition

Easily compare compensation plans in a consolidated view

Find trends and variances in analyzing multiple compensation plans, their components, and associated budgets over time. Slice and dice by any number of worker categories and drill down to different levels of compensation, including worker, team, and department.

View workforce performance spread across compa-ratio band

Bring together compensation, performance, and attrition data to identify potential trouble spots, such as top talent attrition. Easily compare salaries to the industry standard by identifying top performers with a lower compa-ratio band and make adjustments to retain your best people.

Plot salary trends across any time period

Examine salary ranges, off-cycle salary changes, worker's salary details, and supporting historical trends in a single view. View workforce salary distribution to spot inequities and stagnation.

Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics customer successes

National Instruments (NI) logo Synlait logo
Berkshire Hathaway Energy
King Ranch
National Commercial Bank
RIA money transfer

Advantages of prebuilt Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics

  Oracle Cloud HCM:

With Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics

With third-party tools

Prebuilt capabilities
More than 100 ready-to-use best practice KPIs/metrics, dashboards and reports
not available
Native integration with Oracle Cloud HCM
not available
Fast performing prebuilt analytics data model
not available
Rapid implementation—no coding required
not available
Incremental updates based on Oracle Cloud HCM releases
not available
Inherited role-based security from Oracle Cloud HCM
not available
Single shared data model for Oracle Cloud Applications, including ERP, HCM, and Supply Chain Management (SCM)
not available
Extensibility capabilities
Self-service tools to create custom visualizations and report creation
More than 50 native self-service connectors to diverse data sources
Machine learning and predictive analytics available to everyone
Insights from natural language processing


Incomplete offering

Not available
December 15, 2021

Connecting Supply Chain and Workforce Insight to Improve Operational Execution and Flexibility

Jake Krakauer, Senior Director, Oracle Analytics Product Marketing and Customer Success Storyteller

Supply chain constraints and disruptions are making headlines and affecting the performance of companies in many business sectors.

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