Oracle REST Data Services

Oracle REST Data Services

Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) bridges HTTPS and your Oracle Database. A mid-tier Java application, ORDS provides a Database Management REST API, SQL Developer Web, a PL/SQL Gateway, SODA for REST, and the ability to publish RESTful Web Services for interacting with the data and stored procedures in your Oracle Database.

"We went with ORDS as our main API layer when we moved from traditional SOAP/XML services to REST/JSON in our electronic procurement solutions. Our experience there led us to choose ORDS as the main environment for all new projects and have started to rewrite our legacy JSP projects to ORDS." - Ólafur Tryggvason Product Owner and Developer at Advania

Secure, Performant HTTPS Access for your Oracle Database

Available for your Oracle On-Premises and Oracle Cloud (OCI) instances

RESTful Web Services

  • Auto REST for tables and views, RPC for PL/SQL
  • Custom services built with SQL & PL/SQL
  • {json} responses
  • Paged results
  • Open API Documentation
  • Full dev support (GUI, CLI, API)

SQL Developer Web

  • Web application hosted by ORDS
  • SQL Worksheet
  • REST Development Environment
  • JSON Workshop
  • Management and Performance Tuning

Database Management API

  • 500+ endpoints for managing your Oracle Database
  • PDB management
  • Data Pump
  • Data Dictionary
  • Performance
  • Monitoring

Discover More

ORDS Overview
Using ORDS to Make Your ADB Data Available in Visual Basic Studio

“ORDS exposes your PL/SQL code wrapped in a REST interface with, of course, the necessary security. And since it’s PL/SQL, it runs in the database, so it’s highly performant, fast, and uses code you’re likely already familiar with or maybe already have.” Joe Greenwald - Senior Principal OCI Instructor

SQL Developer Web
SQL Developer Web

Oracle SQL Developer is now available in your browser.

REST Livelab
LiveLab: Build and Secure REST APIs

This lab will walk you through creating a REST service using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) on an Autonomous Database.

Product Features

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  • Supports Oracle 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 21
  • Standalone Jetty Webserver, Tomcat, or WLS
  • Available on premises and Oracle Cloud

SQL Developer Web

  • Oracle SQL Developer - in your browser
  • Run queries and scripts in a SQL Worksheet
  • Query History, Code Completion, & Code Formatting
  • Export queries and data to popular formats (csv, json, INSERTs)
  • Load data to new or existing tables (csv, json, xml, parquet, avro)
  • Develop RESTFul Web Services and Manage REST Enabled Objects
  • Query and manage your JSON Document Store (SODA)
  • Manage database users
  • Performance Hub, Instance Viewer, Top SQL
  • Data Modeling

Automatic REST

  • Full CRUD REST APIs for your data
  • RPC for your PL/SQL via POST
  • REST Enabled SQL for ad hoc workloads

RESTful Web Services

  • Easily upload or retrieve files to and from your tables
  • Results & responses auto formatted to {JSON}
  • Supports GET, PUT, POST, & Delete Handlers


  • Services published in a DB USER schema – easy for DBAs to manage resources and privs
  • Endpoints protected by privs/roles
  • OAUTH2 provided or tie into your Webserver Authentication

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