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Database Appliance

Oracle Database Appliance is the easiest and most affordable way for small or medium-size organizations to run Oracle databases and applications and is an ideal platform for remote and edge computing environments. Customers reduce Oracle Database deployment times and management workloads using a prebuilt integrated system with management automation. As demonstrated in IDC’s business value study (PDF), Oracle Database Appliance lets customers grow revenue and control costs, delivering up to a 498% return on investment (ROI) over five years.

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Database Appliance features

Key differentiators

Simpler and faster to install

Prebuilt integrated systems with automated setup lets customers start running databases and applications in as little as 30 minutes—an average of 10X faster than do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions, according to an analysis by DSC (PDF).

Optimized for maximum performance

Tightly integrated Oracle Database Appliance hardware and software are optimized to achieve peak performance for Oracle Database and customer applications.

Affordable pricing for lower costs

Low entry pricing and flexible CPU licensing with a minimum of two CPU cores reduce customer total cost of ownership.

Oracle Cloud integration safeguards customer data

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration enables IT staffs to back up and archive data in the cloud while easily moving workloads to the cloud when needed.

Single-vendor support enhances security

Oracle supports all hardware and software with quarterly patching that’s simpler to deploy than multivendor DIY solutions.

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Automated deployment and management

Full-stack integration improves productivity

Unique integrations between Oracle Database, infrastructure, and management software optimize application performance while improving IT team productivity.

Automated configuration reduces IT workloads

DBAs use built-in automation to reduce their workloads by configuring Oracle Database instances 67% faster than with DIY infrastructure, as described in IDC’s business value study (PDF).

Automation reduces IT workloads

Automated storage configuration, database provisioning, and quarterly single-bundle patching reduce IT staff workloads up to 96% compared to DIY solutions, according to a study by Wikibon (PDF).

Appliance automation reduces mistakes

Simple customer commands that automate manual processes minimize the potential for human errors.

Oracle support speeds problem resolution

Single-vendor support from Oracle enables IT departments to quickly resolve issues with a single call instead of finger-pointing in DIY multivendor environments.

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Oracle Database optimizations

Fully integrated for peak performance

Full-stack solutions with high-performance CPUs, storage, and automated management deliver the best performance for customers’ Oracle Database workloads.

Built-in automation reduces management costs

Oracle Database Appliance systems are prebuilt with extensive automation that makes them faster to install and simpler to manage than DIY database platforms, which a DSC analysis says results in a 36% lower three-year TCO (PDF).

Mixed workload support reduces complexity

The ability to run Oracle, third-party, and custom applications on an optimized Oracle Database reduces the complexity of deploying diverse customer workloads in remote offices and edge locations.

Database choice maximizes solution fit

Support for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Oracle Database Standard Edition, along with all Oracle Database options and management packs, enables IT departments to select the solution that best fits their needs.

Capacity on demand lowers costs

Capacity-on-demand resource enablement lets customers start using as few as two CPU cores and easily grow utilization to as many as 64 cores, keeping costs aligned with business requirements.

Built-in risk reduction

Integrated solution maximizes application availability

Optimized full-stack solutions deliver the best performance for the customer’s Oracle Database workloads.

Built-in automation reduces management costs

Oracle Database Appliance systems are designed, tested, and supported by Oracle as an integrated solution to maximize the customer’s application availability, delivering less than one minute of unplanned downtime per year, according to IDC’s customer business value analysis (PDF).

Full-stack patching reduces cyberattack risk

Bundled patching of system, software, and database infrastructure makes it easy for customers to protect against malicious attacks by securing the business with frequent updates.

Integration simplifies high-availability deployments

Integration of Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Data Guard deployment into Appliance Manager makes it easy for customers to achieve high availability for crucial databases.

Faster data protection reduces downtime

Oracle Database Appliance improves customer backup time by 41% and recovery time by 38%, ensuring that applications are available when needed, according to IDC’s research.

Built-in automation simplifies cloud data protection

Backing up data in OCI is integrated into the Appliance Manager environment to reduce IT staff workloads and to add a layer of protection for crucial customer data.

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Appliance Manager

Automation simplifies administration

Built-in system management automation implements Oracle Database best practices to simplify the deployment and management of solutions in remote customer locations or edge environments.

Easy-to-use interface accelerates provisioning

The integrated user interface quickly gathers configuration parameters and presents predefined options to reduce system and database provisioning to a few easy steps.

Comprehensive patching streamlines maintenance

Pretested patch bundles engineered specifically for Oracle Database Appliance reduce IT administrative workloads by patching the appliance’s firmware and software at the same time.

Integrated data protection reduces data loss risk

Integrated backup and recovery to external local storage or OCI simplifies IT staff workloads and protects important customer data created in remote locations.

Automated monitoring improves uptime

Built-in diagnostics continually monitor Oracle Database Appliance infrastructure for failures and to detect deviations from Oracle best practices so IT teams can maximize availability in remote systems.

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CapEx and OpEx optimizations

Integration reduces upfront costs

Complete, integrated systems with low entry pricing and no component integration enable customers to lower the cost of deploying on-premises infrastructure in remote offices and edge environments by 20%, according to IDC’s business value study (PDF).

Capacity-on-demand licensing lowers TCO

Customers license Oracle Database on as few as two CPU cores and increase license counts as workloads grow, reducing costs compared to DIY solutions that require all CPU cores to be licensed immediately.

Built-in automation simplifies remote operations

Full integration, management automation, and single bundle patching reduce the need for IT teams to maintain costly staffing in remote customer locations.

Management automation reduces operating expenses

Built-in management automation enables Oracle Database Appliance customers to lower operating expenses by 54% and improve the efficiency of DBA teams by 61%, according to IDC’s analysis.

Lower CapEx and OpEx increase customer return on investment

Lower capital expenditures and automated management enable organizations to achieve a 10-month investment payback and 498% five-year return on investment as described in IDC’s research.

Oracle Database Appliance X9-2S

Entry-level system minimizes deployment costs

The most affordable Oracle engineered system is fully integrated and optimized to run a single Oracle Database instance.

Dense design reduces space requirements

Compact 2U servers with 16 Intel Xeon processor cores minimize customer IT footprints in space-sensitive remote and edge environments.

Expandable memory supports larger databases

Starting with a standard configuration of 256 GB, customers can expand memory up to 512 GB to support larger databases and memory-intensive applications.

NVMe storage maximizes performance

Built-in 13.6 TB of raw NVMe storage capacity improves performance and reliability compared to similar systems configured with conventional solid-state drives.

Network options simplify integration

A choice of 10GBase-T or 10/25 GbE SFP28 networking connections allows easy integration with current customer infrastructure.

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Oracle Database Appliance X9-2L

Midrange solution simplifies consolidation

Oracle Database Appliance X9-2L makes it easy for medium-size organizations to consolidate Oracle Database instances for OLTP, data warehouses, and mixed workload environments in remote offices.

Optimized price/performance reduces costs

With 32 Intel Xeon CPU cores and up to 1 TB of memory, Oracle Database Appliance X9-2L provides 2X the compute power and up to 2X the memory of the X9-2S system without doubling the cost.

NVMe storage maximizes performance

13.6 TB expandable to 81.6 TB of raw NVMe storage capacity increases database scale and performance compared to similar systems configured with conventional solid-state drives.

Network options simplify integration

A choice of 10GBase-T or 10/25 GbE SFP28 networking connections enables easy integration with current customer infrastructure.

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Oracle Database Appliance X9-2-HA

Redundant architecture increases uptime

Server-level and component-level redundancy with shared storage enables customers to have access to crucial data 24/7 while protecting databases from unplanned downtime.

Oracle Database software improves availability

Optional Oracle Real Application Clusters and Automatic Storage Manager enable customer databases to continue to operate across server or storage device failures.

Oracle software improves business continuity

Optional Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate enable business continuity and disaster recovery across multiple data centers to protect customers against sitewide outages.

High-performance design accelerates demanding workloads

Oracle Database Appliance X9-2-HA includes 64 Intel Xeon processor cores, 1 TB of memory expandable to 2 TB, and 10GBase-T or 10/25 GbE SFP28 networking connections so medium-size businesses can maximize consolidated workload performance.

Storage expansion

46 TB of high-performance solid-state disk (SSD) storage in the base system enables high performance, and customers can upgrade storage to a total of 184 TB SSD or a combination of 46 TB SSD and 324 TB of hard disk drive raw storage capacity to support diverse requirements. Customers can also optionally add a second storage shelf to double the storage capacity of the system.

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Oracle Database Appliance customer successes

Oracle Database Appliance is used by thousands of customers around the world to run crucial Oracle databases, consolidate IT infrastructure, and reduce costs.

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Data Traffic
St. Paul Public Schools
KGHM logo

KGHM cuts reporting times from two hours to six minutes with Oracle Database Appliance

Oracle Database Appliance benefits

  • Faster to deploy than DIY solutions

    Customers accelerate the availability of new services in remote offices and edge environments by deploying Oracle Database Appliance in 30 to 90 minutes, which is 10X faster than DIY solutions, according to an analysis by DSC (PDF).

  • Costs aligned with on-premises demands

    With Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Database licensing starts on as few as two CPU cores and can increase as workloads grow to reduce customer costs when compared to DIY solutions that require all CPU cores to be licensed.

  • High return on investment

    Lower capital expenditures and automated management enable organizations to achieve a 10-month investment payback and 498% five-year ROI, as described in IDC’s business value study of Oracle Database Appliance (PDF).

  • High availability for Oracle databases and applications

    Enterprises can access Oracle Database instances and applications 24/7 with fully redundant, highly available hardware and software infrastructure.

  • Easily protect data in the cloud

    Appliance Manager automates backing up and archiving of databases to local external storage or in OCI to protect information generated in remote offices and edge environments.

June 7, 2022

Oracle Database Appliance X9 More Powerful, Higher Capacity, and Software Enhancements

Carlos Ortiz, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

“Oracle Database Appliance has experienced broad adoption worldwide in all industries across a wide range of customers, from SMBs to Fortune 100 corporations. Continuing investments in Oracle Database Appliance by offering the latest generation hardware and ongoing software enhancements for all supported models is strategic for Oracle's continued growth in the area of database infrastructure.”

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