Oracle Journeys

Success is a journey. Drive success by delivering personalized guidance to support employees through professional and personal workflows, such as onboarding, exploring career opportunities, transferring to a new role, starting a new project, getting married, or having a baby, all with one user experience, powered by one system of record—Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM.

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HCM Journeys product features

Journeys LaunchPad

Provide employees with a consumer-like experience to find and launch journeys relevant to their role, skills, location, or individual needs.

Direction and accessibility

Access journeys in your flow of work via channels such as a digital assistant and collaboration tools, or directly from a transaction.

Personalized employee guidance

Recommend, assign, and automate tailored journeys based on specific needs and a comprehensive understanding of each employee.

Guidance for the entire workforce

Support all workers with personalized journeys—including full-time employees, contractors, interns, gig workers, and others.

Guided journeys

Deliver information such as contextual analytics, timely training, videos, and generative AI content using any third-party large language model (LLM) during a journey to help employees make the right decisions.

Journeys Creator

Build journeys to support changing business needs, such as implementing region-specific safety protocols or workforce optimization.

Expansive library

Tailor and build upon more than 30 journey templates to suit your needs.

Cross-enterprise guidance

Leverage journeys across Oracle Cloud applications to deliver guidance to address different business needs across the enterprise.

Guidance powered by insights

Gain insights into your workforce, and create journeys to improve onboarding, career development, and other critical experiences—driving alignment, growth, and success.

Journeys Booster

Extend and automate journeys by easily connecting to third-party systems and applications while keeping employee data secure.

Connected, actionable HR support

Connect Oracle HR Help Desk with journeys that need follow-up actions from HR professionals, providing both automated and personalized support when needed.

Guidance from anywhere, anytime

Start a journey from any device with automated and personalized support from a digital assistant.

Key benefits of Journeys

Provide personalized employee experiences

Make it easy for employees to complete journeys for personal and professional growth, and support their work success with personalized, step-by-step guidance.

Simplify the complex

Help employees make informed decisions by surfacing contextual analytics, training, and instructions along their guided digital journey.

Unify the employee experience

Drawing from one source of people data across the enterprise, you can provide the right experiences based on an employee’s unique circumstances.

Create enterprise wide journeys

Support employees’ work success by extending journeys to offer guidance on contract management, position management, financials, and project management.

Extend journeys beyond Oracle

Maximize the power of journeys by connecting to third-party applications while ensuring a consistent user experience and keeping employee data secure.

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