Key Oracle PartnerNetwork Enablers and Benefits

Oracle University offers a variety of learning resources to educate and certify staff on Oracle technology. A discount is available exclusively to OPN members on Oracle University education products, services, and publicly offered courses through Oracle Education Centers.

Cloud Learning Subscriptions offer 24/7 access to skill-based learning, knowledge checks and hands-on labs aligned to job roles and capabilities.

OPN members use the PartnerHelp Portal to find answers or connect with a Partner Assistance Agent for specific questions or requests.

The Oracle Partner Community is a single destination for OPN members to engage in discussions with their peers and Oracle experts, as well as ask questions, find the latest information on Oracle news, industry updates, best practices and more! Partners can also subscribe to specific Forums and receive alerts on favorite topics.

OPN members can leverage the power of the Oracle brand with the Oracle PartnerNetwork member logo. The OPN member logo can be incorporated into a variety of marketing materials such as content collateral, web sites, advertising, stationery, business cards, and signage.

OPN members are given a listing on Oracle’s Partner Finder tool, a comprehensive directory to help prospects and customers connect with the right partner for their business.

OPN members can create, publish, and manage listings with detailed descriptions of their application and solution offerings in the Oracle Marketplace. Optimizing these listings through copy and design helps OPN members to attract and engage new customers faster than ever.

Find new paths to success. OPN members are eligible to exhibit at Oracle CloudWorld and JavaOne events. These annual events are invaluable opportunities to connect with prospects, acquire new customers and network with peers and Oracle experts.

OPN members enrolled in a track have access to a variable amount of Universal Cloud Credits for development, demonstration and testing. Universal Cloud Credits provide a flexible buying and usage model for all Oracle PaaS and IaaS Services. Cloud Build, Cloud Sell, Cloud Service and Industry Healthcare Tracks each provide a $3,000 credit, and the License & Hardware Track provides $1,500 credits.

Partners subscribing to the Cloud Build, Cloud Service or Industry Healthcare Track may purchase SaaS Demonstration Instances at a deep discount for integration development, testing, demonstration and training.

OPN members who have joined the Cloud Build, Cloud Sell, Cloud Service or Industry Healthcare Track are eligible to purchase select Oracle SaaS applications at a significant discount off the Oracle List Price, to be used for test, development & demonstration purposes. And subscriptions to all tracks provide the ability for partners to purchase additional Universal Cloud Credits, for development, demonstration, and testing, also at a significant discount.

Demonstration and development licenses for Oracle 1-Click Products are available as a benefit of OPN membership. With a License & Hardware Track subscription, access to demonstration and development licenses for Technology and Application programs are also available via the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

The Oracle Demonstration Equipment Purchase Program gives OPN members subscribed to the License and Hardware Track the ability to acquire the latest Oracle hardware for use in demonstrations at a discounted price.

Oracle's live and virtual technical workshops teach experienced consultants how to demonstrate and implement the most common business flows and best practices utilizing Oracle SaaS, PaaS, IaaS & Industry product offerings!

By subscribing to the Cloud Build, Cloud Sell, Cloud Service or Industry Healthcare Track, OPN members have access to Cloud Learning Subscriptions that can take their skills to the next level and get started on their path to Expertise. Each all-inclusive subscription covers the complete digital portfolio of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS products, providing 24/7 unlimited access for 12 months.

To help partners achieve expertise, Cloud Build, Cloud Sell, Cloud Service and Industry Healthcare Track subscriptions provide OPN members a higher discount on Oracle University Cloud Learning Subscriptions (UCLS). These UCLS offer 24/7 access to skill-based learning, knowledge checks and hands-on labs aligned to job roles and capabilities.

Sales Accelerator is a sales enablement platform providing easy access to high quality and targeted customer-facing content including battle cards, sales guides, customer presentations, and call scripts. This online resource is the same platform leveraged by internal Oracle Sales.

The Oracle Digital Marketing Center provides OPN members a simple and cost-effective way to deliver high-impact digital marketing campaigns and content. These valuable co-branded and customizable marketing materials will help automate, optimize and measure marketing efforts - all while enhancing the company’s go-to-market strategy!

OPN members who have attained Expertise are provided with Expertise logos to help differentiate themselves in the market. These logos can be used across a variety of marketing materials to show prospects and customers that they have a history of demonstrable customer satisfaction, dedication to certified, skills, knowledgeable staff, and a deep understanding of the customer’s journey.

Upon earning Expertise, OPN members can create and update searchable profile pages on their existing Partner Finder listing dedicated to showcasing their areas of earned Expertise and solution offerings.

Key to differentiation is showcasing customer success. Eligible OPN members can nominate their customers for joint Customer Reference promotion with Oracle.

Whether delivering cutting-edge solutions in a specific industry, or enabling customers to overcome business challenges, partners that have attained Expertise may be eligible for awards and/or recognition from Oracle.

OPN members with Expertise may participate in incentives focused on specific go-to-market strategies. Each is tied to a specific type and level of engagement, and all are dependent on successful customer outcomes.

Once an OPN member is technically ready to go to market, depending on the intended type of engagement, there may be a Go-to-Market Agreement necessary to successfully conduct business.

OPN members that achieve Sell Expertise for Cloud Sell or License & Hardware receive access to Sales Demonstration Environments to exhibit the competitive advantages of Oracle technologies to prospective customers.

With attainment of a Build or Service Expertise within the License & Hardware Track, an allotment of SRs is provided for use with development, demonstration and integration licenses for Oracle technology and applications programs.

Members of Oracle PartnerNetwork receive targeted technical enablers and go-to-market benefits necessary to assist them in bringing their solutions or services to market, cultivate profitability and growth, as well as ensure customer success. Here’s a sampling of the enablers and benefits that our partners take advantage of to position them for success.

The OPN benefits listed above are available to OPN members subject to the terms of the OPN Policies; the OPN Agreement; and any applicable addenda, amendments, order, or terms of use. Availability of benefits is subject to legal and regional restrictions. Benefits are made available in Oracle’s sole discretion, and Oracle’s determination regarding the availability of such benefit is final. Oracle PartnerNetwork members are responsible for reviewing the Benefit Decommissioning Policy.

Oracle reserves the right to correct errors or omissions in the OPN Benefits table at any time and at Oracle's sole discretion.

OPN is not open to United States government entities (including federal, state & local, public utility, and higher educational entities).


1. This benefit is not available for OPN members that are United States government entities (including federal, state & local, public utility, and higher educational entities).
2. OPN members that are United States government entities (including federal, state & local, public utility, and higher educational entities) must provide proof of approval by their cognizant legal or ethics official to Oracle's Director of Political Compliance before accessing this benefit.
3. Additional criteria must be met in order to access this benefit.
4. Eligible OPN members can nominate customer successes for joint promotion with Oracle by featuring written success stories, videos, speaking opportunities, press/media and social platforms. Customer references are selected at Oracle's discretion.
5. Upon joining the OPN Cloud Service Track, partners can choose to apply their track fee towards purchase of Universal Cloud Credit or a Discounted SaaS Demonstration Instance to be used only for demonstration, training, and internal testing purposes. Additional restrictions may apply.
6. A Principal’s initial annual enrollment in a track ends concurrently with the then current initial annual term of its OPN Agreement and can be renewed when such Principal renews its annual OPN Agreement.