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Oracle x86 Servers


Reimagined for Cloud.

Uniquely designed to power Oracle’s own cloud infrastructure, Oracle’s x86 servers are engineered to run Oracle software best. Oracle x86 servers are the ideal building blocks for your on-premises cloud workloads that require maximum security and flexibility, while not compromising on efficiency, performance, and reliability.


Built-In Security

Cloud security built into hardware, service processor, and firmware, with specialized security features for enterprise and cloud environments.


Efficient Compute

Industry-standard rackmount servers built on Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, with unique innovations to the motherboard and firmware subsystems.


Flexible Storage

Choose between dense configurations for building storage services in the cloud or NVM Express for embedding high-performance ephemeral storage into local compute environments.

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Choose Your Shape, Build On Premises

Oracle x86 servers deliver unrivaled performance and availability running Oracle Database and enterprise software, and excel in situations where scaling up quickly is essential to business operations—on premises and in the cloud.


Two-Socket, Compute-optimized

  • Oracle Server X8-2

    Supports two Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platinum or Gold processors in a compact, energy-efficient, Energy Star-certified, 1U footprint for compute- or memory-optimized cloud deployments.

    • Increases infrastructure density efficiency by providing more than 2000 cores and 64 TB of memory in a single rack
    • Improves performance in cloud and virtualized environments with bidirectional I/O bandwidth of 156 GB/sec
    • Maximizes firmware security and prevents malicious attacks with industry-leading Oracle ILOM 4.x, Oracle's cloud-ready service processor

Two-Socket, Storage Optimized

  • Oracle Server X8-2L

    Supports two Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platinum or Gold processors in a 2U form factor for storage-dense cloud deployments.

    • Optimizes storage density with more than 102 TB of high-bandwidth NVMe flash storage or 168 TB of SAS-3 disk storage
    • Maximizes I/O capacity with 11 PCIe 3.0 expansion slots and 192 GB/sec bidirectional I/O bandwidth
    • Reduces vulnerability to cyberattacks with Oracle ILOM 4.x, built-in diagnostics and fault detection

Four- and Eight-Socket Servers

  • Oracle Server X8-8

    Eight-socket or dual four-socket servers based on Second Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platinum processors in a 5U form factor for in-memory database workloads and database consolidations.

    • Configure single eight-socket for very large core count and memory capacities with a single-instance operating system
    • Configure dual four-socket for virtualization and server consolidation in a compact 5U form factor
    • Reconfigurable in the field between four- and eight- socket modes

Oracle X86 Servers

Under the Hood

  • Product Overview
  • Technical Specifications
Fully Integrated. Highly Affordable.
  • An ideal foundation for running Oracle software on premises and in the cloud
  • Optimized hardware/software stack complete with virtualization, systems management software, and your choice of Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris operating systems
  • Multiple Oracle software optimizations improve speed, performance, and reliability for Oracle Database, middleware and applications
  • Unique security features engineered at the hardware and firmware layer to protect cloud tenants and provide data integrity for enterprise applications
  • Building Blocks of Engineered Systems and Oracle Cloud
  • Cloud-Optimized Hardware and Firmware
  • Complete, Secure, and Cloud-Ready Out of the Box
  • Thirty percent more uptime running Oracle software as compared with commodity x86 servers
  • Smart Flash Cache accelerates database I/O utilizing Oracle’s unique NVM Express design
  • Oracle ILOM provides real-time monitoring, fault management, and trusted boot
  • Enterprise reliability utilizing hot-swappable and redundant hardware along with built-in, proactive fault detection and advanced diagnostics
  • Better Stability, Security, and Availability
  • Superior Performance via Unique Optimizations
  • Built for Critical Workloads

Oracle x86 Servers

Discover More

Oracle x86 Servers for Modern Workloads and Data Security
Oracle x86 Servers for Modern Workloads and Data Security

Oracle x86 servers provide value beyond commodity compute by delivering the right innovations for the right workloads through coengineering Oracle's hardware with Oracle software, and optimizing for on-premises and in the cloud.

Oracle Two-Socket Server Architecture
Oracle Two-Socket Server Architecture

Oracle X8-2 is ideal for IaaS implementations, optimized for Oracle Database, and serves as a consolidation platform that can easily handle the I/O requirements of many virtual machines.

Oracle Server System Architecture
Oracle Server System Architecture

Unmatched serviceability, reliability, and security enable Oracle Server X8-8 to power extremely demanding workloads, wherever you choose to deploy them—on premises, Cloud at Customer, and Oracle Cloud.

Oracle x86 Servers

Oracle Server X8-2

Engineered for Oracle Database and applications in SAN/NAS deployments, and for delivering infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in cloud and virtualized environments requiring optimal core density, memory footprint, and I/O bandwidth.

Oracle Server X8-2L

Best-in-class database reliability and security in single-node configurations. This server is optimized for simultaneous compute, memory, I/O, and storage density to accelerate Oracle Database, and NoSQL and Hadoop applications.

Oracle Server X8-8

Oracle's most powerful x86 server engineered for in-memory databases and scale-up applications. Available in eight-socket and dual four-socket formats optimized for enterprise workloads requiring extreme I/O bandwidth, memory, and core count.

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