Oracle Storage

Oracle’s Storage products enable high application performance while protecting crucial on-premises customer data against cyberattacks and failures. Unique features engineered with Oracle Database, including snapshot replication to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, increase database performance and improve the protection of customer data. Organizations use Oracle Storage products to meet compliance requirements for long-term data retention with granular encryption and offline storage options.

Oracle Storage
Increase business value with recovery automation

The cost of downtime is high. Wikibon found that automating Oracle Database backup and recovery can lower those costs by up to 41%.

A powerful alternative to traditional network attached storage

Learn how Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance increases the performance and efficiency of production Oracle Database and backup workloads.

The Oracle storage difference

  • High performance with optimized designs

    Oracle Storage products accelerate diverse customer workloads with low latencies and high throughput. Companies automate Oracle Database protection so DBAs can back up business-critical databases up to 50X faster than with traditional backup appliances and quickly recover them to any point in time.

  • Unique capabilities for Oracle Database

    Oracle Storage products are developed with Oracle Database to decrease the amount of storage customers need, reduce administrative workloads, and lower costs. Working together, Oracle Database shares information with Oracle Storage products to automatically optimize the performance and efficiency of customer databases while simplifying DBA workloads. Only Oracle Storage products support Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression, which reduces storage requirements by 12X (PDF) for typical data warehouses and database archives.

  • Recovery-focused data protection

    Oracle Storage products accelerate the backup and recovery of data stored on virtually any system in company data centers. Customers automate enterprise-wide data protection with up to 60 TB/hour of general-purpose data protection throughput and enable storage administrators to easily create copies of data in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance allows DBAs to protect crucial Oracle Database instances with less than a second of potential data loss and recover them up to 8X faster than with other solutions.

  • Lower IT complexity and costs

    Oracle Storage products lower infrastructure costs for enterprises by reducing IT complexity and storage administration workloads. Unique features, including Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol, automate up to 70% of Oracle Database storage setup and tuning tasks (PDF) and enable deep insights into storage utilization and performance so administrators can quickly identify and resolve issues.

Oracle Storage

Automated protection and recovery of Oracle databases

Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance continuously protects an enterprise’s business-critical Oracle databases and accelerates their recovery to any point in time. Integrated automation of backup and recovery, remote replication, and Oracle Cloud archiving protect customers’ Oracle databases against ransomware, equipment failure, and human error. Recovery Appliance’s extensive automation makes it easy for IT departments to implement Oracle Database data protection best practices and reduce downtime costs by up to 47% as discussed in Wikibon’s analysis.

  • Continuous protection reduces potential data loss to less than a second by protecting database changes as they occur
  • Incremental-forever backups accelerate Oracle Database protection by up to 50X
  • Recoveries using virtual full backups of Oracle databases run up to 8X faster
  • RMAN integration protects Oracle databases running on virtually any platform
  • Automated recoveries reduce manual IT tasks by up to 75%
  • Capacity scaling from 2 PB to more than 200 PB of virtual full backups enables enterprise-wide Oracle Database protection as-a-service for any organization
  • Backup validation offloads database servers and ensures that backups are recoverable
  • Real-time monitoring and automated reporting simplify compliance by providing the latest recoverability status for all protected Oracle databases

High-performance enterprise storage, optimized for Oracle and cloud

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is a high performance, enterprise storage system that is optimized for Oracle workloads and cloud integration. A unified storage system that enables consolidation of block, file, and object storage, it is available in flash and disk configuration and provides unique Oracle Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration.


  • Unified file, block, and object storage protocol support enables active storage access in diverse environments
  • Up to 18 GB/s of throughput reduce data-warehouses load times
  • Up to 60 TB/h data protection throughput shortens backup windows and accelerates recoveries
  • Oracle Database IO prioritization accelerates databases and their backups
  • Snapshot replication to Oracle Cloud protects data offsite
  • Full redundancy increases the availability of customer data
  • Built-in REST APIs, user interface, and Oracle Enterprise Manager integration simplify storage management
  • Up to 8 PB of all-flash or 16 PB of disk capacity for low-latency and high-capacity storage

Offline data protection and archiving

Oracle StorageTek tape libraries provide immutable, offline storage to protect customer data while providing easy, automated access for compliance, governance, and historical-preservation purposes. Organizations use StorageTek tape libraries to protect against cyberattacks and to archive data for years with lower energy consumption and less cost than disk-only alternatives.


  • Tape library automation reduces administrative workloads
  • Offline storage protects crucial customer data against ransomware and cyberattacks
  • Scalable designs with more than 100 PB of uncompressed capacity enable long-term archiving
  • Secure encryption key management protects vital customer data against unauthorized access
  • No single-point-of-failure designs increase data availability across component failures
  • Efficient offline storage consume no energy when not in use
  • Extensive archive software interoperability eases data center integration
  • Up to 29.5 PB/hour throughput under a single pane of management accelerates archive creation and access

Oracle Storage successes

Oracle storage is used by thousands of customers around the world to improve application performance, protect crucial data, consolidate infrastructure, and reduce costs.

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Revera accelerates client applications and protects diverse multisource data with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle storage use cases

  • Safeguard Oracle databases with data protection as-a-service

    Improve enterprise-wide Oracle Database backup and recovery while simplifying long-term retention in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Oracle’s Recovery Appliance.

    Watch Swisscom’s story (1:32)

  • Accelerate data-intensive applications

    Enable business insights by running petabyte-scale data analytics and high-performance computing applications at maximum speed.

    Read Toyo’s story

  • Scale VM environments with secure multitenant storage

    Efficiently support thousands of VMs per storage system (PDF) for multiple clients or company lines of business with petabytes of high-performance storage that’s protected with granular multitenant encryption.

    Read Secure-24’s story

  • Simplify storage provisioning for development and testing

    Accelerate application development cycles by instantly creating no-overhead data copies with fast, efficient storage snapshots and clones.

    Read Oracle IT’s use cases (PDF)

  • Create on-premises archives for your crucial data

    Protect hundreds of petabytes of technical, cultural, or compliance data while accessing it in minutes without human involvement.

    Read Brookhaven’s story

September 23, 2021

Announcing Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X9M

Tim Chien, Senior Director of Product Management

Oracle's backup and recovery product team is excited to announce the general availability of Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X9M. This new release increases capacity, lowers the entry price, provides unmatched restore performance, and ensures recoverability from a ransomware attack.

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