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Oracle Cloud Platform

Oracle Offers Business a Platform for Shoppers

By Tom Haunert


Oracle Provides Valuable and Innovative Options On Premises and in the Cloud

Inderjeet Singh

Oracle's Inderjeet Singh discussed how Oracle's integrated cloud platform can benefit retailers—and others.

Oracle’s cloud services are more effective tools for customers when taken together as the sum of their parts, according to Inderjeet Singh, Oracle executive vice president for Oracle Cloud Platform and Oracle Fusion Middleware, speaking during a general session at Oracle OpenWorld on Monday, October 26. “We provide an integrated cloud platform. We provide valuable and innovative options for our on-premises products. And we offer flexibility of deployment on premises and in the cloud.”

Singh demonstrated this principle through a series of connected demos featuring multiple personas: Anna the shopper, a store associate, business users, and “citizen developers” working at the retailer. The demos showed the connections—and integrations—between personas, business, and technology, and all of the demos leveraged platform integrations between different Oracle SaaS and PaaS services.

Anna the Shopper demo

A demo focusing on "Anna the Shopper" demonstrated the IT complexity that businesses are facing.

The demo of Anna’s experience included a mobile app, multiple SaaS services, a physical store, beacons, location information, promotions, cross-selling, and an awards program—the IT version of complexity that businesses are wrestling with.

The new Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service is designed to enable citizen developers (power business users) to publish their own applications—either extensions of SaaS applications or new custom applications. Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service provides browser-based application development and hosting. There’s no integrated development environment (IDE) to install, and there’s no coding required. Again, that helps retailers focus on doing what they do best rather than having to work with IT on complex development cycles.

Inderjeet Singh

 Oracle Cloud Platform delivers on the business need to secure, deploy, and manage the technology...  

—Oracle Executive Vice President Inderjeet Singh

Singh noted that different types of integrations used to connect sales and marketing efforts can be handled using Oracle Integration Cloud Service. “Oracle offers a best-of-breed application integration platform for on-premises to cloud, cloud to on premises, cloud to cloud, Oracle to Oracle, and Oracle to non-Oracle,” he said.

Singh also said Oracle Cloud Platform delivers on the business need to secure, deploy, and manage the technology that Anna the Shopper interacts with, because “Anna can’t tolerate one second of downtime. She wants performance. She wants accurate information. Anna trusts the retailer with her personal information. Any betrayal of that is the end of the story. She has too many other retail choices.” 

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