JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Management

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Management enables you to streamline order processing and maintain visibility and control of order tracking throughout the order lifecycle.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Management Products

Easy sales order entry and order processing

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management efficiently manages the complexity of different types of orders from multiple channels in a way that minimizes order entry costs, exceeds customer expectations, and ensures order profitability.

Key Features
  • Rapidly access all the information you need to configure products, evaluate pricing options, provide up-sell and cross-sell suggestions, verify delivery dates, calculate freight, and check customer credit from a single window
  • View price history and individual sales line profitability
  • Multiple order types, including quotes and credit orders, EDI orders and quotes, blanket and release orders, direct ship and transfer orders, kit processing, and product returns processing
  • System-created order templates based on a specific customer's buying patterns

Best of breed solutions for success

Fulfillment Management enables you to optimize delivery by prioritizing orders according to rules and service level information. With it, you can rapidly access all information needed to assign inventory to customer sales orders, set service levels for one customer or group of customers, and generate fulfillment plans that you manage or modify as necessary.

Key Features
  • Unprecedented flexibility for defining customer and product processing with multi-tiered rules
  • Closely manage supply to meet customer expectations
  • Improved customer service while reducing administrative expenses
  • Improved order and line fill rates
  • Seamless integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management lets you see online customer information
  • Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne manufacturing, warehouse, and transportation modules enables you to see the status of any order at any stage of the fulfillment cycle


Offer the right price to the right target market

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Advanced Pricing enables you to easily make price adjustments that reflect numerous criteria, including market segment, item unit of measure, supply point, line of business or end use, delivery mode and distance, tax and duty, payment terms, currency, exchange rate, and effective dates. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Advanced Pricing also supports sophisticated basket and rebate pricing.

Key Features
  • Set specific markdown amounts and define a percentage of list or net price
  • Establish a cost-plus amount
  • Develop a discount formula that pulls from variable data, such as selected sales order line details or a commodity price table
  • Automatically track rebate and commission accruals with sophisticated accrual management
  • Stimulate sales at order entry with online access to volume history progress towards customer rebate targets for customers
  • Seamlessly link with all other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions


Resolve any issue with the right information

Give your customers real-time, 24-hour access to purchasing and order status information via the internet using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Customer Self Service can recognize the customer and personalize the experience by providing specific and relevant information, promoting improved communication while lowering the cost of routine transactions and freeing your agents to devote more time to customers with special issues.

Key Features
  • Customer online access to order status, shipment tracking, inventory availability, account balances, and account information
  • Sales order entry and review
  • Onscreen script prompter and automatic capture of data
  • Personalized customer alerts

Ensure compliance

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Agreement Management enables you to set up, change, and easily manage business partner agreements.

Key Features
  • Complete information access to a variety of agreements, such as purchase and supply contracts, exchange agreements, throughput agreements, and storage deals
  • Online statements that enable you to quickly compare the agreement quantity with the total transaction quantity and note any variances
  • Easy access to agreements using a variety of search criteria, such as branch/plant (depot), agreement name or description, type, status, effective date, product number, and partner agreement number

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