What matters?
Employee experience does.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 | Original broadcast

Employee experience matters

The Great Resignation has rapidly changed the workplace. Employees want more. More flexibility. More meaning. More transparency.
Is your employee experience keeping up?

Get insights from HR leaders who are delivering an employee experience that makes their workforce feel valued and appreciated…and want to stay. We cover what worked and why in this 45-minute session.

Dr Amantha Imber, Organizational Psychologist, Founder of Inventium
Sukhjit Singh Pasricha, President & Group CHRO, Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited
Jacely Voon, Chief People Officer, Fujifilm Business Innovation Singapore
Andrew Dennan, Head of HR Shared Services, Synlait Milk

Why exceptional employee experience matters (6:42)

The pandemic motivated Inventium, Australia's leading behavioral science consultancy, to double down on employee experience—the results were a massive win. Discover how a positive employee experience can drive productivity from Dr Amantha Imber.

Sukhjit Singh Pasricha on delivering exceptional employee experience at Kotak Mahindra Bank (14:14)

As the global pandemic changed the way people work, Sukhjit knew there's no one size fits all approach to employee experience. Hear how he used the adversity as a catalyst for digital transformation and deliver empathy at scale.

Jacely Voon, Andrew Dennan, on why employee experience matters: Real talk with real solutions (23:00)

How do employers adapt to the future of work? Jacely and Andrew speak on the impactful initiatives that they have been involved in. Take a deep dive into the world of employee experience and learn how to ensure your people feel heard and valued.

Wrapping up the topic of employee experience, our expert panel share insights on what matters most to HR leaders.

Learn how Oracle ME, the only complete employee experience platform, can bring value to your organization.

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