Lower Costs and Improve Supplier Service with Online Collaboration

Oracle iSupplier Portal is the enterprise application that structures all supplier communication through a secure internet-based portal.

Phone calls, faxes, and e-mails with suppliers waste time, introduce errors, and create latency in your supply chain. Oracle iSupplier Portal, with its powerful platform for online collaboration, enables you and your suppliers to become more efficient. Suppliers access the latest information, including purchase orders, delivery information, and payment status. The rich two-way collaboration enables suppliers to submit change requests, ship notices, payments, and profile data. Now you can gain better service, reduce processing costs, and get relief from costly supplier inquiries. The bottom line is that your buying organization has time to focus on what really matters-getting more savings.

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Key Features

  • Create Closed-Loop Purchase Order Collaboration:
    Get improved service, eliminate routine inquiries, and even offload inventory management by sharing information with suppliers online.
  • Simplify Fulfillment and Payment:
    Reduce receiving problems with advance shipment notices, capture savings with online invoicing, and improve service from suppliers by sharing delivery and quality data.
  • Efficiently Ramp and Maintain Suppliers:
    Bring suppliers onboard quickly with Web portal access and online registration. Maintain them easily with self-service profile updates.
Oracle E-Business Suite Learning Subscription.

Oracle has partnered to provide pre-configured access to Transcepta unique e-Invoicing and supplier enablement services. Oracle® E-Business Suite and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise customers can now automatically leverage Transcepta’s supplier on-boarding service and supplier connections to deliver a comprehensive e-invoicing solution. For additional detail, please consult the Transcepta's OPN page.