OCI Cache Pricing

Lower your application costs

With OCI Cache, our pricing is clear and straightforward, based entirely on the memory you provision. We bill only for the memory used, regardless of the number of nodes involved, ensuring predictable costs as your needs scale.

Cost-effective pricing structure

For low memory usage, any increment up to 10 gigabytes (GB) per node is charged at $0.0194 per GB per hour. For higher memory requirements exceeding 10 GB per node, the pricing remains $0.0194 per GB per hour for the first 10 GB, and then $0.0136 per GB per hour for each additional GB.

This pricing model ensures that you can scale your OCI Cache resources efficiently and cost effectively, maintaining optimal performance without unexpected expenses.

OCI Cache

Comparison Price (/vCPU) *
Unit price
OCI Cache—Low Memory

Redis memory gigabyte per hour for up to 10 GB
OCI Cache—High Memory

Redis memory gigabyte per hour for any usage above 10 GB