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Roving Edge Infrastructure

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure accelerates deployment of cloud workloads outside the data center. Ruggedized Oracle Roving Edge Devices (Oracle REDs) deliver cloud computing and storage services at the edge of networks and in disconnected locations, allowing faster processing close to the data source and enabling faster insights into the data.

Existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) virtual machines (VMs) and object storage can be synchronized to Oracle Roving Edge devices using the same portal and tenancy tooling as our public regions.

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Explore Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure

Cloud capabilities in remote environments

Extend existing cloud environments

Public and private sector customers can deploy OCI services outside Oracle Cloud Regions and Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer.

Run applications at the network edge

Field operations teams can achieve extremely low latency for delay-sensitive cloud applications locally instead of relying on remote services with multiple network hops.

Conduct disconnected operations

Compact, portable server nodes bring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure capabilities to remote locations, even when they are completely disconnected.

High performance, ruggedized devices

Oracle RED specifications

Each Oracle RED is equipped with high performance hardware: 40 OCPUs (80 virtual CPUs), 512 GB of RAM, 61 TB of storage, and high-speed networking.

Embedded graphical processing unit (GPU)

Each node includes an embedded GPU to support advanced processing such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Ruggedized enclosures

Encased in a 3U military grade (MIL-STD-810) ruggedized shock mount case, each device weighs less than 88 lbs. and is electromagnetically shielded to limit emanations and interference.

Flexible clusters for up to 15 nodes

Clusters are available in configurations from 5 to 15 nodes for customers to scale based on their needs and constraints.

Unified user experience and tools

Extensions to Oracle Cloud regions

Easy to manage and control, Roving Edge Infrastructure is associated with your tenancy in an Oracle Cloud region.

Consistent user experience

Roving Edge Infrastructure provides the same look and feel as the Oracle Cloud console, making it effortless to adopt and deploy.

Automated data synchronization capability

Oracle REDs can automatically synchronize data with OCI Object Storage whenever network connectivity is available.

Economical edge solutions

Pay-per-use billing

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure is billed per day of resource possession.

Procured via the OCI console

Roving Edge Infrastructure’s nodes and clusters can be easily ordered and configured through the OCI console.

Preprovisioned by Oracle

Preprovisioned nodes with customer-selected VMs simplify the procurement workflow.

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure use cases

  • Fast data collection and processing in the field

    Leverage ruggedized Oracle RED nodes with superior processing capabilities for ingesting and processing large amounts of streaming data from sensors in remote locations.

  • Application deployment to remote facilities

    Enable seamless deployment of applications for organizations such as embassies and consulates, government offices, military bases, and remote campuses.

  • Development/test in cloud and deployment to edge

    Develop, deploy, and maintain all applications and data in the cloud and deploy them to the edge as needed, controlled from a single pane of glass.

  • AI and ML at the edge

    Use built-in GPUs for faster processing of AI and ML workloads without relying on network connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Roving Edge Device (RED)

Roving Edge Infrastructure pricing

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure is priced per day, with a minimum lease term of 30 days. Customers have unlimited use the Oracle RED nodes and clusters in their possession.

Oracle Roving Edge Device (RED)

Single node
per node per day

Roving Edge Cluster Kit

Network switch and cabling for clusters
per kit per day

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