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Oracle Sovereign Cloud

Organizations want to know where their data is stored, and which entities have access. They need a cloud provider that offers transparency about the location of their data and provides a variety of in-country offerings with robust data security protocols and standards.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers several options for data sovereignty needs, depending on government or business requirements, industry, and location.

A sovereign cloud tailored to customer needs

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed to provide security, reliability, and powerful management capabilities for complex deployments while beating performance and pricing standards, backed by Oracle’s industry-leading enterprise SLAs.

Oracle offers a variety of cloud isolation models, enabling customers to choose deployment models that fit their security and compliance requirements. Each of these deployment models comes with Oracle’s ”Everything Everywhere” commitment, and every Oracle Cloud service is deployed in these regions. These are fully capable cloud environments with all the innovation and continuous improvement expected of a hyperscale public cloud.

Oracle Cloud region delivery diagram

Sovereign Cloud

Sovereign Government Regions

Identical to full-scale and full-service public Oracle Cloud Regions, Sovereign Government Regions deliver additional layers of sovereignty, including customer data, customer metadata, internal cloud support systems, and operations processes. These regions can be operated by staff who meet government-directed citizenship and security clearance requirements, local preferred partners, or government employees. The regions can be built where the customer chooses—in an Oracle-sourced co-location, a location specified by the government, or even in the customer’s data center. The regions can connect to multiple government networks and meet those networks’ security requirements. The customer can control precisely who the region is available to: only units of the customer, government, or agency; a larger community of critical partners and suppliers; or a large community of privacy- and regulation-sensitive organizations in defense, healthcare, education, and other industries.

Sovereign Government Regions meet the most demanding data sovereignty, security, and latency requirements at a scale and cost that makes sense for governments and enterprises. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers industry-leading price-performance with significantly reduced operational costs while enabling workloads with sovereign requirements to run on a single-tenant and entirely dedicated cloud platform. Just as with Oracle’s public cloud regions, these sovereign regions offer “Everything Everywhere”—every Oracle cloud service and all our future innovations.

Sovereign Oracle Cloud for National Security

Oracle Cloud’s National Security Regions (ONSRs) are regions secured to the highest government classifications and standards, air-gapped from the internet, and operated by local, cleared professionals. ONSRs are identical to full-scale and full-service public Oracle Cloud regions but are built in highly secured facilities. ONSRs guarantee storage and data processing on air-gapped national security networks for highly classified workloads. These regions bring the full power of the cloud to secure government networks, supported by in-country, government-cleared personnel. Just as with Oracle’s public cloud regions, these ONSRs offer “Everything Everywhere”—every Oracle cloud service and all our future innovations.

ONSRs are designed to ensure mission continuity with highly availability architectures deployed in multi-region configurations.