Key Management

Centrally manage and maintain control of the encryption keys that protect enterprise data and the secret credentials used to securely access key vault resources.

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  • OCI Vault

    A customer-managed encryption service that enables you to control the keys that are hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) hardware security modules (HSMs) while Oracle administers the HSMs.

  • OCI Dedicated KMS

    A single-tenant HSM partition as a service that provides a fully isolated environment for storing and managing encryption keys. You can control and claim ownership of the HSM partitions and use standard interfaces, such as PKCS#11, to perform cryptographic operations.

  • OCI External KMS

    Enables you to use your own third-party key management system to protect data in OCI services. You control the keys and HSMs outside OCI, and you’re responsible for the administration and manageability of those HSMs.

OCI Key Management Service features

Adopt a cloud key management service to encrypt enterprise data.

Store keys in a certified security module

Manage the security of encryption keys that protect data and the secret credentials used to securely access resources by storing them in a FIPS 140-2, Level 3-certified, hardware security module (HSM).

Optimize resources for key management

Focus on enterprise encryption needs rather than procuring, provisioning, configuring, updating, and maintaining HSMs and key management software.

Enhance access control and compliance auditing

Control permissions for individual keys and vaults with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management. Monitor key lifecycle with Oracle Audit to meet enhanced compliance requirements.

Maintain custody of your keys at your own site

Built in partnership with Thales, OCI External Key Management Service allows you to encrypt your data using encryption keys that you create and manage outside OCI.

October 25, 2023

OCI Key Management: The key to protecting your data in Oracle Cloud

Frederick Bosco, Oracle Principal Product Manager

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Key Management Service is a cloud-based service that provides centralized management and control of encryption keys for data stored in OCI. OCI encryption offerings are divided into two categories: Oracle-managed encryption and customer-managed encryption.

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