Product Tour—Oracle Subscription Management

Simplify the management of contracts, billing, and revenue

Subscription management landscape

Welcome to Oracle Subscription Management

Oracle Subscription Management is an end-to-end solution that helps you track and manage usage, recurring charges, adjustments, and renewals across sales, commerce, and service channels. It gives you the ability to automate billing and payment processing from within your existing ERP solution.

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Subscription management explained

Launch new business models

Sell complex products and services with the pricing or consumption model that fits your business requirements. Support thousands of touchpoints, pricing, delivery, and billing models.

Subscription management transaction screen

Administer once, deploy anywhere

Simplify the administration of your subscription offerings with a solution that lets you maintain and launch business models from a central location.

Subscription management lifecycle

Simplify complex order-to-revenue management

Improve the order-to-revenue process for mixed orders, including fixed, one-time, recurring, consumption, and user-based charges.

Automate revenue recognition in your core ERP systems for subscription use cases, such as ongoing billing and invoicing, proration, and early termination.

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Subscription management self-service screen

Make self-service possible

Give your customers the ability to create, monitor, and modify subscriptions on their preferred channels. Provide them easy access to variable billing and payment options, including information about usage, scheduled services, invoicing, and credit card payments.

Subscription management analytics dashboard

Retain and renew with deeper insights

Determine relevant cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on your customers’ needs and purchase history. Leverage native machine learning capabilities to identify at-risk customers early so you can enhance relationships, grow customer lifetime value, and improve renewal rates.

Subscription management graphs and charts

Include warranty and service coverage

Create coverage services for warranty and service plans. Track and manage your service usage and logistics to accurately calculate charges and overages.

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Subscription management revenue recognition

Meet accounting standards for complex transactions

Stay compliant with ASC 606 / IFRS 15 financial compliance regulations using timely and accurate revenue recognition and reporting.

Subscription management overview screen

Accurately assess your subscription business

Understand how subscriptions are impacting the business and gain a 360-degree view of your customers' subscription lifecycles for more accurate management and real-time insights.

Track core KPIs like monthly recurring revenue, total contract value, and customer lifetime value.

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Subscription management forecasting tools

Forecast with greater accuracy

Gain a complete picture of the near and long-term financial health of your business with more predictable revenues recognized on a recurring basis.

Allocate resources effectively to support higher value products and customers and drive ongoing business success.

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Subscription management customer lifecycle

Unify your technology ecosystem

Connect applications in your order-to-revenue ecosystem with API-first architecture to ensure consistent, accurate data across the business, from inventory measurements and controls to regular financial updates.

Subscription management customer lifecycle with apps

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Oracle Subscription Management is the most complete order-to-revenue solution, connecting all of your customer touchpoints with your ERP and other back-office systems to automate the subscription lifecycle.

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